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I know this might contradict stuff Ive said else where but in Unity can you disable kill animations or would they have to be one for all and all for one included?

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I just don't see it as being valuable. Nothing in particular against it, but I'm expecting the characters to show up about 1 inch tall on the screen. Or less. So, whether the guy is doing an overhead chop, or a sideways slash at the neck, it's not something that I see being incredibly noticeable.


That said, I'm making some assumptions in coming to that opinion. If things differ from my expectations substantially, I'm up to changing it.

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In defence of the OP, I think we might have unintentionally warped his initial suggestion over the course of this thread.


I think what worries people is the wording. "Finishing Moves" conjures up the notion of control being taken away from the player for a few seconds, and the camera panning around in some crazy Manga/Japanime style with over-the-top "double-kill" effects and whatnot that would be really jarring and unbefitting with the classic Baldur's Gate legacy.


From reading other posts on related subjects, most if not all players are in favour of a meaningful range of attack animations that break up the repetition of combat. And yes, in BG/BG2 for example, there is the "gore" option which sometimes chunks the enemy into bits of flying limbs on the finishing move.


I'm guessing having a range of death animations will satisfy players, as long as it's a continuation of the combat style the devs decide to implement, i.e. one that doesn't interrupt the flow or take control away specifically for the above example. It may well be that enemies get "chunked" in different ways, but we'll have to wait and see.

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Finishing moves in DA were pretty awesome. Want them in PE.


Dragon Age style finishing moves are the exact wrong way to go about it. They would slow combat down too much. Much better to do them in a style similar to Fallout 1 and 2.

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Fallout was turn-based. PE is real-time. ANd that's why very well made DA: Origins suffered from unsuccessful imlementation of finishing moves.

The worst case of finishing moves - Dawn of War, pre-patch. Everyone who played it online could remember the horrible and game breaking exploits with Big Mek and his finishing moves animations.


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I'm gonna help out the OP here, because he is getting KILLED by some posters here.


This is what he is suggesting about "finishing moves" (this phrase does not only refer to slow motion matrix style death animations):

  • Occurs during combat
  • Lasts the same amount of time as a regular attack
  • Does not take control away from the player
  • Is basically a variation of a normal attack, but leads to an enemy's death (stabbing someone through with a sword, someone taking an arrow in the head/chest and falling over as a result of that, etc.)
  • Is NOT slow motion
  • Does not change camera
  • Does not pause the game

I think I covered everything. People should start reading everything before posting.


This and...


From reading other posts on related subjects, most if not all players are in favour of a meaningful range of attack animations that break up the repetition of combat.


...this...Thank you both for making sense.


Devs add option section, those who still belive it is disturbing their playstyle, switch it on/off, simple, so evryone's gaming is satisfied. Just becouse some of you dont approve of such addition, why should others have to be without?


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