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Post here if Kickstarter rejected your project

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Thread moved to gaming section (I assume your kickstarter project is game related?) ;)

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Huh, I didnt know you had to get Kickstarts permission. I thought you just start a project and it either lives or dies by reaching the funding goal.


Yeah, and you also need to be located in the US if I recall correctly. The Double Fine videos actually mentioned the approval process in passing.


I don't think PR has anything to do with it by the wya, Kickstarter had plenty of failed projects in the past, and a lot that already were successful and worked out well before Double Fine. It just became "mainstream" afterwards.

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Well, I'll guess they looked at the submited Kickstarter page and guess which project seem reasonable and which one does not (what else should they do? Maybe google the firm name, if available, and that's it). When it comes to Prosper... Well, looking at his threads, I am not at all surprised that he didn't got approved. I think nobody from us really is.

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I deleted my kickstarter account. I didn't risk confirming my thoery, but I think the video I uploaded for my project was of me just laying on my bed. 13 seconds of head scratching actually. I will start over next week. I also have a few tips just in case I am wrong, maybE I did upload the proper video.


Make sure you keep the what you will do with the money part down to maybe one quarter of the project main page. the other three quarters should focus entirely on your game design. I also think I should of included some concept art / banner images.


Mr LExx if I am correct but prosper's threads are renown for being quality and having certain qualities. I cause a split between those who love my work and those who just hate it. True for art and programming projects. I received some tips about how to better inform people what it really is I am doing. Be back in a week or so to tell you if I get rejected again.


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We are all rooting for you. Make sure you post your video here when it is ready.


Why are you encouraging him ?

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