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Tim Cain interview

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Tim Cain's interview, presented to you by Will Ooi.


Snippets on Obsidian:


Will Ooi: Hi Mr Cain, thank you very much for taking part in this interview series, and first of all congratulations on securing a role at Obsidian. How do you feel about this move, and what does it mean for your and Obsidian's future plans?


Tim Cain: I really enjoy working at Obsidian. I know many of the people there from our time at Interplay or Troika, and I have played all of Obsidian's games, so in many ways this new job was the smoothest transition I have ever made. Everyone there has been very friendly and welcoming, and I am excited to be back in the RPG game space.


But I should explain that I am a temporary contracted employee at Obsidian. I am considering joining another company in the spring of 2012 and have been talking with them since August, so in the meantime I am working at Obsidian on one of their games as a senior programmer. My contract extends thru March of 2012, at which time all parties (myself, Obsidian and the other company) can decide what the next step should be.


Will Ooi: Could you give us some more information about what your title of Senior Programmer will involve, and how you'll fit in to the company's hierarchy?


Tim Cain: As a senior programmer, I have been assigned to work for Dan Spitzley on their New York project. I am working on various coding tasks concerning combat and general gameplay. The group is very open to design suggestions from all of its members, and they hold weekly meetings where the game is played and anyone can suggest changes to gameplay, anything from new abilities to UI to voice over. Everyone at Obsidian is very passionate about their games, and it shows in their development process.

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Well that's disappointing. :)


Hope they'll churn out a good game with Tim and he then realizes that his most rewarding future lays with Obsidian. :p

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Hmm... Oblivion will be published next month. When would y'all expect full production to begin on Fallout 4? Likely irrelevant, but I'm still wondering ...


...Wow I've traveled back in time!


...jokes aside (I'm sure you meant Skyrim and just got confused) I'm not sure. Bethesda has already said they are in the design stages (they never mentioned Fallout 4 but they mentioned 2 games and they have two franchises so it was fairly obvious) so I assume they'll start working on it with a full team as soon as the game is released, while keeping a small team for Skyrim's DLC? I'm not too familiar with how Bethesda Game Studios works with multiple projects.

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Well, it's cool to have him on the team at all.

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