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I'm playing it on the PS3 and It's great so far, I really like the game engine and how area transitions remind me of Dungeon Siege 1 with no loading screens and it fades from outside to a cave etc , very cool!


You should take the time and play it, did you notice the detail they put into te game? or the story?


again I really like what this game engine can do and hope to see some DLC for the game soon!

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I am just curious if obsidian are planning on making any kind of announcement on the HUGE amount of outrage that has come from from the community?


It would be horrible if Obsidian would do that since most of the complaints are completely incoherent nonsense resulting from obtuse and imperceptive mentality..


It would be like 98% of scientists apologizing for the creationism outrage because 56% of people are indoctrinated into thinking that primitive scribblings of goat herders a couple of thousand years ago is more valuable than empirical knowledge.


You know its one thing to get on here and complain and get into heated discussions and get stupid with each other over something that quite honestly is not that important to begin with. Its another to make negative comments reguarding someones personal Scientific, or Spiritual beliefs. That my friend is completely out of line, I wouldnt do that to you, and I dont espect you to do that to me. I am reporting your post, and I certainly hope you get banned because that is uncalled for!

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My friend: Hey, Jesse! I'm going to level up in Dungeon Siege for a bit and try to get my exp up so that I can take out this boss on the hardest difficulty. You want to help me out?


Me: What, like just kill dudes over and over, entering and exiting towns, over and over, until you get a higher level?


My friend: Yeah.


Me: Well, that sucks, I get nothing out of it. I can help you beat the boss, that's foh sho goin' down tonight, but I can just join once you reach your level.


My friend: Oh, yeah, you're right, I'll let you know when I rank up so you can join my game and we'll go take on that boss. What are you going to do?


Me: Oh, I'm going to be leveling my guy so that we can take out that same boss in my game on the hardest difficulty. You want to help?


My friend: Let's just play something else.


Me: Yeah.


And the scene ends in sadness.


I don't want an apology for how bad the MP integration is... but if I got one it might take the sting out a bit.


I've enjoyed what I've played of the game so far, but it just bums me out to not be able to efficiently play co-op.

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What on earth does Obsidian have to apologize for?


Dungeon Siege 3 is a great game. Minor issues aside, its fun and functional, and can be challenging.


I would change one thing and add one other (tweak the MP, add New Game+) but other than that, I love DS3.


It's got great graphics, good sound with a great musical score, no glitches that i've found what so ever. Everything works as its designed. All 4 characters are fun and have different play styles.


This game is head and shoulders above the garbage that's come out this year, and really the first good title this year (along with Child of Eden, but Kinect isn't for everyone).


And honestly, complaining that this game is too far different from previous Dungeon Siege titles is just dumb. If game didn't continue to evolve and present us with new play styles and theories, then why make new games at all? Why not just remaster the old stuff and put a spit shine on it?

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