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  1. My friend: Hey, Jesse! I'm going to level up in Dungeon Siege for a bit and try to get my exp up so that I can take out this boss on the hardest difficulty. You want to help me out? Me: What, like just kill dudes over and over, entering and exiting towns, over and over, until you get a higher level? My friend: Yeah. Me: Well, that sucks, I get nothing out of it. I can help you beat the boss, that's foh sho goin' down tonight, but I can just join once you reach your level. My friend: Oh, yeah, you're right, I'll let you know when I rank up so you can join my game and we'll g
  2. Saves persistent through multiplayer and single player. That is the ONLY thing I need or want. I can get over the camera tethering... I saw that in the demo. I didn't realize about the saves until I joined my friend's game last night, however. Very sad.
  3. I vote for multiplayer... if it isn't fixed or at least made a little more modern, I won't be purchasing any DLC or subsequent releases. The multiplayer experience really speaks to the quality of the product, which is like a beautiful ripe avocado that has its side cut off and left out for a few days... it's very brown at that end and looks disgusting but if you cut that part out a bit you'll see it's still ripe and tasty underneath. I know the analogy is pretty bad, but I'm just saying I won't keep buying a semi-browned yet delicious avocado when I have plenty of other avocado vendors
  4. Well, let me take those words out of my mouth real quick and say I don't know whether the item is worthless or not. I really only booted up the game, got the item, and saved it. I haven't had a chance to run around with it. I'm hoping the +4 stat will level up with my character to keep it powerful, because it would be really handy to poison the hordes of enemies. But maybe it will stay +4 and I'll find a different item that over powers it early on and it will end up being quite worthless. Too early for me to judge right now.
  5. Hi everyone. I just activated my Amazon.com preorder bonus, The Bite of Arakun. Every where I've seen it's description, it states that it has +12 Poison and +2 whithering (not sure about the whithering stat, more concerned about the poison). I just got the item when I loaded up my game but it only lists it as +4 Poison and +2 whithering (again, not sure about whithering but I was only concerned with poison). I'm wondering if the stat will be buffed as I level up (all the way up to a +12), or if the descriptions I've been seeing for the item are just incorrect. Anyone else h
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