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  1. Dungeon Siege 1 is the first RPG ever to have no loading screens and weather effects like, rain, snow, etc. Also area transistions from a forest to a cave changed as did the music, Dungeon Siege set the bar high, Dungeon Siege 2 offered even more in the way character classes, pets and so on. Dungeon Siege 3 offers even more, A well done game engine also no loading screens and area transisions are smooth, as with the other Dungeon Siege games it's Linear with a few side quests. I really like the artwork, level design and characters, I'm not even sure why some say it's short I have
  2. I'm playing it on the PS3 and It's great so far, I really like the game engine and how area transitions remind me of Dungeon Siege 1 with no loading screens and it fades from outside to a cave etc , very cool! You should take the time and play it, did you notice the detail they put into te game? or the story? again I really like what this game engine can do and hope to see some DLC for the game soon!
  3. They are fine really, I remember Mass Effect for PC by the time I played 5 minutes of the game I was used to the controls it's hardly a game breaker,well unless your not even willing to learn a simple thing like controls.
  4. I loved Dungeon Siege Series , I played it thru many times and I have played Icewind Dale series and the epic game Planscape Torment and of course Neverwinter Nights 2 both "Obsidian Exps" but not the last. I'm really enjoying the Dungeon Siege 3 demo, so much I changed the shipping to overnight release date delivery!
  5. I played the PC demo and had no problem with the controls, it takes maybe 5 minutes to get used to the differance but thats true with alot of games. really the negative comments about this game are unfounded.
  6. Comments like this coming from a moderator to me is pretty insulting. You guys are supposed to be neutral here and be a little more open minded about the concerns of others. From what I
  7. I'm playing the PS3 demo now and have it pre-ordered, I'm really enjoying the game, well done Obsidian!
  8. After watching the video it seems we are playing lucas?, if so I won't buy it, part of what I liked with Dungeon Siege 1 and 2 is you have a choice, this looks to much like two worlds, oh well guess I'll wait till it releases and find out from some youtube vids, since info on the game is limited for a game set to release in May.
  9. Thanks, I will keep looking for more info but not alot so far.
  10. So are we able to create a character as in Dungeon Siege 1 and 2 or do we have to play with prenamed characters like Lucas?, and if we have to choose from a playable character do we have to take the others along? or can you play solo?
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