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I'm probably not gonna get the game right off the bat but figured we should have it's own thread given the amount of discussion it's reviews thus far have raised.






As I said in the Random News thread, I think this game would probably have seen better reviews than it's been if the games content wasn't so polarizing.

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From the very start I always thought talk about DNF is more interesting than the actual game, which was always going to fall short. Not that I thought DN3D was that special, once its time had passed. Interested to hear if anybody's really taken to it though.

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FPS are dime in dosen. DNF is just one of those under $5 game from Steam holiday sales. I probably played Duke Nukem 3D over 200 hours when it was released and followed it's development for the few years after I first saw

. Then the development limbo and the whole unfortunate story of the 3d realms.


I've been FPS fan for about 20 years but I still think there are way too many FPS released each year. I buy 'em cheap from Steam sales but overall quality is rather bad. The influence of the mage brands like Call of Duty and consolization have not been kind to the FPS genre (from a oldskool hardcore PC gamer perspective).

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I quite like it. Its the most fun I've had playing a shooter in a while.


I don't think it takes itself seriously, and when its crap its crap, but I guess that's its charm for me, see... The game isn't going to have been better because of the dev cycle, it'll be sooooo much worse.


Its wonderfully glichy, and broken, yet somehow still functional.


Its crass, and distasteful.


Its the most epic middle finger I've ever seen in games.


Then again, I never got excited about the game in the first place. So the fact its runs, and its somewhere in the region of fun, is all that matters.


I wouldn't touch this on a console, its clearly a PC game, gawd I bet its ****ing awful with a pad.

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I'll get it eventually if just to play a part of gaming history.


I've seen some reviews and I find it strange it makes fun of modern shooters, but also limits the player within those same gameplay elements. The biggest example being that you can only carry two weapons at once.


Wouldn't it be more fun if Duke had access to his full arsenal at all times? It's not exactly aiming to be realistic. I hope someone mods that in.

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Watching it on youtube I was just stunned at how unfun it looked. The levels look boring (what happened to the imaginative levels of D3D?), the puzzle sections far worse and more prevelant than Half-Life 2, the combat dull and most of the humor weak. The campaign also seemed surprisingly short.

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Is the demo still not publicly available? I think I have a code for the club, but I don't want to have to register with that site.

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I heard the game is childish, vulgar ****.


Fitting, really.

Which really wouldn't matter one way or the other if it was FUN!

is what gamers expected. It would make a bit of sense for that to take 14 years to produce. A balls-to-the-wall non stop shoot-em up thrill ride. Almost all of the amazing elements of that trailer are missing. Instead its a game that only would have been considered decent 5-6 years ago.
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