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Osama Conspiracy Theories...


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I'm not so sure about the 'he resisted' part. What would we do with him alive, the Hague ?. Also there was the time pressure, making it more likely that they offed him to avoid having to drag him out of there. Well, that and the fact that they have been trying for 10 years to kill him any way they could.


I don't know either way, just sayin' it's a bit convenient.

Na na  na na  na na  ...

greg358 from Darksouls 3 PVP is a CHEATER.

That is all.


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He's not dead, he's still in the White House!!111oneone!!11

This particularly rapid, unintelligible patter isn't generally heard, and if it is, it doesn't matter.

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You heard it here first: I think Osama actually killed Obama in the war room, and has taken his face. Obama's body was the one which was put into the sea on Monday.





Aside: US carriers have nuclear steam catapults for flinging fast jets off the deck. Use your imagination...

"It wasn't lies. It was just... bull****"."

             -Elwood Blues


tarna's dead; processing... complete. Disappointed by Universe. RIP Hades/Sand/etc. Here's hoping your next alt has a harp.

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Waaaaaa... I wanna see the long form death certificate.... waaaa

"While it is true you learn with age, the down side is what you often learn is what a damn fool you were before"

Thomas Sowell

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