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RPG Codex Classic Text Adventure game


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Me thinks you are pulling an april fools disguised as another man's april fools!


Anywho, you made me visit the forum and read some interesting threads - so all is forgiven.


edit: scratch that - logged in and played the adventure.

Fortune favors the bald.

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No. no romances.


I forgot to explain exactly how to access the game.


1. You MUST be logged in (so you must have an account). If you are NOT logged in, you can read the forums (and one thread kinda has spoilers).

2. Click on any forum

3. Click on any thread, THEN the game will start. (It's still going on, as of 7:24am, not sure when he will take it down).

4. Only 4 people have been able to finish it.


I am not one of the 4 :(


I cant find the damn pain killers.


I did get to hug MCA! :)

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Hah, i have to register just try that out! :)

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Drawing up the map now. Will upload when done. :p


IIRC where you exit from your cell is different for all users, so that part of the map will be different. Past the [GATE] is however the same for everyone.


Did you finish? I finally did a few hours ago. :sorcerer:

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Is it available to those of us unwilling to register, yet?

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Is it available to those of us unwilling to register, yet?


You have to create an account and log in to play it, because of the way it stores data or something like that.


You now can play it directly at: http://www.rpgcodex.net/phpBB/codex_text_adventure.php (it's unknown when DU will take this down however).


Most of you may not get some of the jokes in it.... I'll be happy to explain if necessary. heh


Tigranes: Hopefully you got my hint I gave you?

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I was killed by kingcomrade...

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