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Mike Thorton:  

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I'll just come out and say it, while I have enjoyed Alpha Protocol a great deal, I just don't care for Michael Thorton. I like him less than most of the supporting cast with some notable exceptions.


No matter what dialogue stance I choose he comes across as kind of a jackass. You could effectively rename the dialogue choices as Smart-Aleck, Douchebag, and Corporate Drone.


Agree? Disagree?



*sniff* Sorry, bro.

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I think much of it depended on the stance. I generally liked Professional Thorton, except in the beginning segments. Aggressive Thorton is fun but I wouldn't say that I particularly care for him. But Suave Thorton, oh yeah... That's the best way to play this game. Some of the game's best writing is found in Thorton's smartass comments there, hehe.


In the end, I liked him a lot more than I thought I would.

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I like Thorton, although it may be more correct to say I like Thorton's responses to various situations and how he words himself, seeing as I generally create a character of my own that I want to play as and then go through Alpha Protocol. Thorton just happens to fill in the blanks.


Thorton's suave or aggressive stances always managed to suprise me, both in terms of humor and nonchalance.

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