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  1. The fight against Sie at the train station, perhaps? The fight against SIE is not mandatory though- it is possible to go through the whole game without using pistols/ Aassault Rifles/ Shotguns and Sub-Machine Guns- Although you have to use sniper rifles and Rocket Launchers- and to the person who said getting all the girls isn't challenging is correct- but by having SIE you need to have gotten to the end( therefore I know people just didn't use CE and get a bunch of points and levels). Hope to see some screenshots up soon!
  2. I know somewhere this partially has been posted but I am now intiating a challenge to all you hardcore AP players that need a challenge. Post a screenshot of you and your perks after you beat the game with these only; Must start as a recruit Must only put points in Martial Arts and Stealth Must only use your Martial Arts(although will probably be your only good trait) Must play on Hard Difficulty Must "woo" SIE, Madison, Mina, and Scarlet(show in the perks tab near the bottom(exclusive interview and so forth)) Can beat the game with any ending you want Can have any armor you want but the ATS would be best Good Luck I know I'm starting to try it.
  3. Ya, I'm playing through again and I've pissed him off so far but he still seems to like me even more now that I'm -6(animosity) rep with him. I hope he sells me out though, Wen needs a break. Yes, he does sell you out.
  4. So I played through again and figured something out- This may not be completely correct but it works for sex for me; Mina- Professional until she is flirty then start being suave Madison- Suave the whole way, after doing ruins she is sleeping, talk to her, then do the shipment and she will be asleep until SIE- aggresive, no matter how rude you are she likes it more... Scarlet- suave and professional, send all Halbech data to her and then visit her @ end Anyone I'm missing?...
  5. Ya, I'm playing through again and I've pissed him off so far but he still seems to like me even more now that I'm -6(animosity) rep with him. I hope he sells me out though, Wen needs a break.
  6. He's some sort of sociopath but the best thing about him is when you need to escape Taipei and He blames Wen. Ahhh Good ole' Wen. I wish he actually had some dialogue as well.
  7. I played through one time with the lumberjack beard and just kept hoping his voice would go lower, but he always sounds like a 13 year old ponce why can't he just be nice for once
  8. Anyone know how to unlock her full dossier? and can someone post a picture of her in the dossier(is there a special one?)
  9. I could only have it with scarlet and Mina- I tried flirting with Madison but she never really liked me and SIE always hated me- How did you guys get SIE and Madison-If you want to tell me- also I tried flirting with the gelato guy but had to kill him and then ... Also *spoiler* I'm kinda sad I had sex with Scarlet cause she killed Sung .
  10. I've beat it way too many times and my favourite way to beat it was my first way. I started out as a recruit and put all my points into stealth first (keeps missions interesting) and pistols (Chain shot is a one shot on most bosses and making criticals while still in cover ). After finishing those off I just randomly threw some in martial arts or w/e. In Hind sight I think I should've put one point for interference because the hacking becomes really hard. *SPOILER* when going back to AP it makes it so much easier is you have smgs and some points since stealth doesn't always work there. Sorry I don't have exact numbers but just throw them all in three and then you just run around levels invisible and one shot people from cover. I only had to buy the tactical stealth armor(must save Sis(who is strangely attractive ) since it's from G22) and I stopped buying intel once I hit rome because they do help but not that much.
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