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  1. Hardly the strangest thing I've seen all day. Maybe it's just that for awhile a friend of mine who was teaching English in Japan would regularly send me links to Japanese music videos, but I'm kind of inured to this kind of thing. That said, I doubt that they have much of a chance of catching on in a big way in the US. But you never know with pop music. I wouldn't say that it's anything to do with the video itself (I don't really think it's any better or worse than a lot of American music videos), it's just hard for a foreign language group to break through, even with an English languag
  2. Maybe. According to the interview with Abercrombie at the end, it's a standalone novel set in the same world. Which I wouldn't say really qualifies it as a sequel or prequel. And I did enjoy reading it, but I don't consider it a must read. Glad to hear you're enjoying his other work.
  3. I've decided to make it a point to read as much trashy sci-fi/adventure/fantasy literature as possible this summer. Since making this decision I've read Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie and Feed by Mira Grant. I'm about to start The Kingdom Beyond the Waves by Stephen Hunt. I'll admit I chose each of these based at least 30% on the cover art (which is awesome in each case). Best Served Cold was only okay, I wouldn't particularly recommend it. Feed was actually better than I thought it would be, though it's the first book in Trilogy and now I'm stuck waiting for the rest of the series
  4. Christopher Lee has kind of aged out of the part. But given that a movie will never be made of Alpha Protocol that doesn't mean you can't say that Christopher Lee would have been great for the part about fifteen years ago. I don't know if I'd say that but it's just as valid as any other casting option. Speaking of actors who've aged out of a role, Steve Buscemi would have been perfect for Stephen Heck about twenty years ago.
  5. Well, really the ideal Michael Thorton would be something of a non-entity onto whom the audience could project themselves. That said, Alec Baldwin would be good as Leland with Clint Eastwood as Marburg.
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