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Splinter Cell Conviction delayed

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That's good news for Ob and A.P : Splinter Cell Conviction has been pushed back until April. Talk about delays. I think it was supposed to come out in 2007 (lol!) , wasn't it?


Hopefully AP will be able to come out before Conviction. That would just be such a better chance for the game to do well sales-wise I think. I know the gameplay is pretty different, but just the spy-thriller type theme probably appeals to the same crowds.


Side-note: how many games are NOT delayed, I wonder. It seems like only like 1/5 games actually make their intended release date. I imagine it all has to do with keeping investors happy with BS, fairy-tale world release dates, when the dev's know that there'll be no chance of making the date.


I hope AP won't be delayed again. I don't think it will though; seeing as how the press demos went out before, when the last launch date was still on track. I'm happy that they delayed the game and are squashing those bugs...it be a heart breaker to have another Bloodlines on our hands.

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I think it's reasonable to think a April release may happen. That was my guess in the poll anyways :lol: They shouldn't have much troubles edging out Conviction by a few weeks, unless there are some real shenaniganz going on that we aren't hearing about.

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Yep, SC:C has been delayed leaving the grand total of delays up to this point to a whopping 3 1/2 years. The inspirational neglect of Ubisoft has just given Sega a beautiful window of opportunity to take full advantage of the many disappointed customers. I can almost guarantee that a March release would at least steal 1 customer from Ubisoft...me.


So buckle down and get this shiz out in time for St. Pattys! Also, if u happened to add a disarm move into the CQC since my last appearance on this forum I'd be completely stoked.

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This is way off topic, but I'd like to say in my ideal version of Alpha Protocol, if an enemy had sufficiently higher (than you) skills in martial arts, he should be able to at least have a chance of resisting the one-hit kill and fighting you off.


That would be pretty cool.

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My First response to this was going to be what does this have to do with alpha protocol

but then realised your point i think would be big if Alpha Protocol got shipped before splinter cell conviction

personely i wont buy splinter cell never really been a fan but i can't wait for Alpha Protocol and i agree

that realeasing game before Splinter Cell will do well and steal some sales there



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Now is the prefect time to kick sega in the ass and say release this game now AND EARN MORE MONEY! you can steal some costumers from ubi

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