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Gratuitous Space Battles


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Yes, Gratuitous Space Battles is indeed a video game. It's an indie strategy game where you don't directly control your units, but give them tactics beforehand and then watch it play out. There's tons of customization, muliplayer and whatnot for all you strategy nerds. Check out the demo.





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Think this deserves a bump. Demo is a solid hour of fun. Not going to pay 20+ dollars for the full version but a pretty neat idea and good execution.

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A bit too much "RTS" for my liking. Lots of nice ideas though. Would have made a nice combat part of a campain game a'la MOO2, if you could change tactics and give orders during the battle.

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So I finally played a bunch of this and while there is some stuff I would like more control over, I had a ton of fun with it.


Anyone who passed on the demo because of Dragon Age or Modern Warfare 2, take a bit of a break and chill out with some awesome spaceship on spaceship action.

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