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Was it so hard to at least mention Alpha Protocol as 2009 release? Good they have "millions for promoting"...


Anything about future cooperation between Sega and Obsidian?

yea i was hoping they'd atleast mention alpha protocol while i was skimming through the article but not even that, well aside from the opening paragraph. & as for your question, [i hope not].

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:) I think it can, I think it can, I think it can, opps, sorry was just hoping my will power alone would push the game to have a solid release date.


Because in that article, I almost had to use the "find on this page" for any wording using Alpha Protocol.

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Nothing in that article suggests imminent release, in fact they specifically did not mention it as releasing this year, while they did mention some other games.


It's a preview of games coming out this financial year, and AP is mentioned.

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