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  1. Did you get it when you reserved? I payed mine of a while back and was under the impression that it ships with the game. im under the same impression as well.. preordered a few weeks back.. got nothing from gamestop..
  2. i can honestly say im not as obsessed as some of you.. why? well.. the last time i was really obsessed with an unreleased game was pre-MGS4.. but i can say that was due to the fact that they had so many trailers, podcasts & info on the game.. heck i still have the trailers and podcasts stored on my harddrive. other than that.. im really anticipating this game especially after the latest dev diary.. seen some new footage.. looked good.
  3. ugh idk if i should be mad or happy i watched that.. overall atleast i know im still really anxious to play this.. mad its not now.
  4. This is very good to hear! Thank you very much for the link! No problem buddy :D
  5. http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showt...144&hl=sdtv i dont own a hdtv as well.. in no position to buy one at the moment & have everything setup as i want it. idk whats so hard to understand about that even if "everyone has one"..
  6. The reticule is based off of how much skill you have in the gun. For example, as you level up in pistols your reticule will shrink till you have pretty much pinpoint accuracy. thought that would be pretty obvious for an RPG.. so it never bothered me
  7. will people be able to... (i doubt it) record their gameplay?.. i can do without cutscenes.. just let us get a little taste even if its bootleg..
  8. Question: Do silencers deteriorate over time like in MGS3-4? ... id like to know because i find that system more enjoyable & im 50/50 on silencers.. also i love that your gear plays a role, especially for carrying czpacity.. i dont know of any game thats ever done that but always wanted it as a feature.. all i nee is that silencer question answered & i'll be in love with this game already
  9. im the same way & i promised myself i wouldnt buy another open world game after the very stale The Saboteur.. i cant find it in myself to finish sandbox games anymore(still havent finished gta4.. but i have been seduced by just cause 2 & i love the demo(except for my sniper rifle not working.
  10. No, just let Sis stay as she is and make her a romance option. This will probably convince Sega to release it in Japan. that... made my day :D
  11. lol i rather get rick rolled than experience(too late) what SEGA (and their site) has done.. ol Astley isnt so bad..
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