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Alpha Protocol looks like nothing seen before. But in your opinion, which games would you like to see the most, as an inspiration for AP? Make your list, here's mine.


1. Deus Ex

2. Mass Effect

3. Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell, Hitman

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Pretty much Deus Ex. It was probably the most cause & consequence-intensive game I've ever played, and it also had many of the other elements present in AP.


Within the individual areas, I'd of course like to see inspiration from good offerings in that genre: e.g. gunplay similar to GRAW2 (SP, that is), stealth on par with splinter cell, non-combat AI similar to the hitman games, and story on par with, uh, Deus Ex.


Obviously, that's a lot to expect, but it's really the kinds of games AP is stacking itself up against by straddling so many genres.

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Yeah, same here : limited set of skills with a lot of action, and a choice between stealth, action and technology. It reminds me a little bit of The Witcher for the consequences of the choices you make. Yeah, if I had to compare it to other games, without searching for an inspiration, I would say it reminds me of a mix between Deus Ex and The Witcher.

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Personally a combination of all.


Dues Ex: Skill/ability tree.


ME: Character interaction & character importance.


Hitman: Stealth kills, funny/light moments.


Splinter Cell: Stealth Focus.


All this with an Obsidian twist and some good handtohand action.

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