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Turning your compagnions into sith

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Until this point I have only played Kotor2 as a Jedi. WHat can I say... im such a nice guy :p


But the dark side finnaly got to me and today I began with a dark side game. Now I always like turning my compangions intro force users, but doing that always ment saying nice things to them to gain influence. But that means gettin light side points all the time when talking to them. So my general question is... How do I turn my compangions into sith? Are all of my campangions able to become sith, and how?!!

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Just say, Light Jedi can train Dark Jedi and Dark Jedi can train Light Jedi.



For example, Bao-dur gets influences the easiest thru lightsided acts. IF you play as a dark sider, those times do those things to influence Bao-Dur. With Bao-Dur, If you know what you are doing, it is make him a darksider by the first planet after Telos with three influence hits.


I do use the Haharr glitch just in case I get too many LS points when I am play as a Dark Jedi. Mira like Bao-Dur, is an LS character. So if you want her and him Dark Jedi with Positive influence, Be as much of an **** as possible while they are NOT in your group.

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TAKE Bao-Dur with you, and you will get far with him. Like Atton, He respect action and he prefers LS actions over DS actions anyday.



Be nice to him at Atris's academy is the first and important hit you need with him, Nar Shadda with the Speeder is another one. Also Dxun in Sparing the Mandalorian Warrior, Dantioone Sensor Sidequest(you can get two strong influence hits if you know what you doing with the dialogue with the sensors themselves and the guy that wants the sensors)


With Bao-Dur needs three influence checks with him to become a Jedi Guardian.

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