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dunno about the whole heroes thing


just makes it sound like warcraft 3....

I think that this is a better venue for the heroes concept. In warcraft three there was supposed to be an epic war where huge armies clashed. In Warhammer 40k the same is true but Marines in particular are only ever put into play in small contingents.

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Seven days of exclusive(ly bad) beta for Soulstorm owners and then the rest of the world:


We're very excited to have you all try out our multiplayer matching system and get your thoughts on the game. Here is the official announcement on the beta, we'll have more details on installing it as the time draws near:


"Exclusive Beta Offered to Dawn of War - Soulstorm Owners; Public Beta to Follow


January 8, 2009 -- THQ Inc. today announced plans to release a multiplayer beta for Warhammer

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You only have a single HQ in MP and you upgrade it. Singeplayer is the part that is supposed to have a complete lack of basebuilding.

There is an incredible amount of micromanegement and it is where the game really shines.

And yes you do have fewer MANZ! than in the previous one, which is good.


My short impression of DoW2 is that it is much more focused than the previous one and very much an RTS for getting your blood pumping. You should stay away if Supreme Commander is your favourite RTS. :(


The intro movie is also better than the DoW1 movie, which is to say really really good.


Longer MP impressions courtesy of Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

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The only "base building" you have is really a technical interpretation of it. A few leaders can drop structures on the battlefield, but not much. There's plenty of micro. You're using that more on your troops, getting them into position, covering areas. As opposed to the old method of building up a big group and wafflestomping the enemy.

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