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Happening today only:


Sometimes when I post, instead of showing me the post it goes to the "cannot display"




The URL shown is: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?


If I refresh, it goes the board index where I can go to say, Way-Off topic. My recent post shows up with the bright red "new post" folder icon instead of the "no new replies" and when I check the thread, my post is there.


I just don't want to get an error message then take a long way around to view the threads and also be confused when the "new post" was really only my own.


Anyway, this happens about half the time I've posted today. I use Vista/Internet Explorer. I have not changed any options recently either.


Anybody have a solution?


Also: I tried to attach a picture of the problem but error:

Upload failed. The file was larger than the available space
File size was approx 100 KB. Whats up with that? Do I have to somehow remove some of my previous attachments?

Twitter | @Insevin

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On-line. I changed the position of the device as well (external USB device - direct connect or via a single or double plug USB extension cord). I know one of my 3 USB ports is damaged. I cannot connect through that. Also, one of the other 2 seems to provide a poorer signal than the other. I'm using the "best port" now. Also, I've noticed that if the device overheats (4-6 hours use) it disconnects. Once Windows informed me that it had "malfunctioned". After cooling it down, it always works again, however. Not only long use but also placement of the device in the sun would expedite an overheat so I must beware of that. I'll see if it gives me more of these problems and report whether or not it does.


Note: I've been browsing more than just Obsidian and the problem only occurs on Obsidian.

Twitter | @Insevin

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could simply be that whatever route you're taking to get to obsidian is having issues. that would explain why some sites work (on a different hub or piece of the backbone) and others do not. not a whole lot you can do to fix that, btw.



comrade taks... just because.

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Hmmm. Has anyone else seen this problem?


Some things to try:


1) Try flushing your cache. Tools->Delete Browsing History... and press the Delete files... button under Temporary Internet Files. I doubt that's it, but that's always a good thing to try first. Try also nuking cookies.


2) This isn't meant as a plug - just a tool to diagnose: Install Mozilla Firefox and see if the same thing happens using that. If it doesn't, then there's most likely something going on with the settings in Internet Explorer. If it does happen, then there's a connection issue between your computer, router, and/or our forum server.


Question: Do you have any special network connections like VPN with your office or anything like that? Have you installed any programs over the past day or two or done Windows Updates, etc.?

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