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NFL 2008 Season


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What a wasted signing. And, why would Carr would I'd preusme as a former #1 draft pick come to NY when he knows he won't be starting (heck, playing) any time soon? And, it's not like Eli has a problem with injuries either. I'm sure Carr could have found a team who had a less stable QB situation where he'd havea chance to start down the line...


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Based on how he's played over the past 2 or 3 years, who would sign David Carr to be anything but a pure backup? When you split time with Matt "who-dat" Moore and the dessicated corpse of Vinny Testeverde, and come out looking like the worst of the three, nobody is going to sign you to lead their team.


From the Giants' point of view, he's a better backup option than the Battleship U.S.S. Lorenzen. If they can rebuild his confidence a bit, he's got all the tools.

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It's not about him signing to be a starter right away; but signing a team that he has hope to become a starter (if he improves his play). On the Giants, he's not gonna get any playing time at all so how is he have any hope. He's ebing paid to do nothing )other than be practice QB). And, Lorenzen is a solid back up, and since he likely doesn't expect to be a starter anyways he's perfect for the role. He's definitely better than most back ups. L0L


There's no doubt Carr wants another shot at a starter position. He's not getting it in NY. Period. Dumb, dumb signing.



"When you split time with Matt "who-dat" Moore and the dessicated corpse of Vinny Testeverde, and come out looking like the worst of the three, nobody is going to sign you to lead their team."


Yet, humourously enough, you claim he's a 'better' chocie for back up then someone who has done a good job as backup. L0L

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Really? You're standing up for the Hefty Lefty? He played in 2 games in '07, was 4-of-8 for 28 passing yards and a sack, left the game hurt, and was demoted to 3rd QB. Bottom line is that he's physically limited in what he can do. He has a big arm, but also has a ridiculously slow wind-up and release on his throws. That's not the kind of thing that coaching can correct at this point in his career, and it probably dooms him never to be a productive starter. Sure, he runs the sneak well, but by no means do I ever want him throwing a pass in a non-preseason Giants game again.


Carr, on the other hand, has all the physical attributes to be an excellent starting QB. If he can recoup his confidence, leadership, and understanding of the game with a new team and a new offensive system (and, most importantly, behind a strong offensive line), I'd be reasonably confident that he'd do OK if he has to fill in for Eli for a game or three. Sure, he wants a shot to start-- that's why he only signed a 1-year deal with NY. But I don't see a team that is going to be willing to give him that shot this season.

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" 4-of-8 for 28 passing yards and a sack "


Yup. That stat line proves beyond a shadow of doubt that he sucks.


Yeah, yeah. I don't know football. :lol: Then again, this ignorant football fool was an idiot for suggesting that Eli was capable of doing well in the playoffs. Or that a certain star yet disgruntled reciever would fit in well with NE. Or that Eli's older brother could win the big one. Yup. Uhuh.


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" 4-of-8 for 28 passing yards and a sack "


Yup. That stat line proves beyond a shadow of doubt that he sucks.

No, that was there to refute your point that J-Load had "done a good job as a backup." The evidence I presented that he sucks was my subjective observation on his throwing motion.


Plus, have you seen the guy?


No player in the NFL looks more like some dude who won a contest to stand on the sidelines during a game. :p



And there's no need to get so defensive. My disagreement with you over this particular acquisition was in no way intended to impugn your overall knowledge of the world of professional American football.

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The New York Jets, who have the sixth pick overall in next month's NFL draft, flew a contingent of team representatives to Fayetteville, Ark., Tuesday to meet with former Razorbacks running back Darren McFadden, according to someone with knowledge of the visit the Newark Star-Ledger reported.


That person spoke on the condition of anonymity because he's not authorized to speak for the club.


McFadden, who rushed for 1,830 yards and 16 touchdowns last season, is considered the top player in the draft by many draft experts and there's a chance he won't be there when the Jets pick. He was clocked at a blazing 4.33 seconds in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine last month. Nonetheless, the Jets are doing their homework just in case. McFadden has been dogged by questions about his character and the Jets put a premium on character. He has been involved in two nightclub incidents and has two children on the way by two different women.

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You can never really judge a schedule until things get going anymore, but yeah they both play in sucky divisions. Thats been the story as far as AFC teams go, racking up the wins in divisions that might have one more mediocre team in them. I'm sure simply being in the NFL East assures you a schedule in the upper third as far as toughness goes.



Don't be surprised if Carr is cut in training camp, he simply doesn't have the mental makeup to play in the NFL, hes Ryan Leaf II without the charisma if you can imagine that.


The Jets seem really enamored with McFadden, no doubt Adrian Peterson's success last year coupled with their physical similarities helps. Its somewhat reminiscent of the Walter Payton/Eric Dickerson era. In the end it will always be a gamble drafting a runningback inside of the top fifteen or so. For every L.T. there seems to be two guys who either were not as good as advertised or could never really get their career going because of injuries. As far as McFadden actually being drafted, I still see Jerry Jones getting in there and making some sort of I'm the Guy Who Pays the Bills retardo moves.

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You thought the started this weekend didn't you?




"Dolphins make tackle Long top pick in draft with five-year deal

After weeks of speculation, the Miami Dolphins made their intentions with the top pick in the NFL Draft known.



The Dolphins signed former Michigan offensive tackle Jake Long on Tuesday, making him the top overall pick in Saturday's NFL Draft. NFL Network's Adam Schefter reports the contract is valued at $57.5 million over five years, including $30 million in guaranteed money.


Miami general manager Jeff Ireland made the announcement from a team press conference, along with Long and head coach Tony Sparano.


"I'm very excited and honored to be able to be a part of the Miami Dolphins and this organization," Long said. "I want to thank my agents and the Miami Dolphins for getting this deal done so now I can just concentrate on football."


Jake Long

Offensive tackle


Height: 6-7

Weight: 315

College: Michigan

Hometown: Lapeer, MI



Also NFL network is reporting Shaun Alexander is released by the Seahawks.


No big surprise there, considering their off season moves.

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Cowboys agree on deal to acquire Pacman from Titans

ESPN.com news services

The Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans have agreed in principle on a trade for suspended cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones, sources told ESPN on Wednesday.

Dallas will send its fourth-round pick in Saturday's draft to the Titans for Jones.


There are also conditions attached to the trade related to Jones being reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and how much he plays for the Cowboys. If he plays a significant amount of time in 2008, the Titans will get an additional pick from the Cowboys in 2009.


If he doesn't get reinstated by the NFL, the Titans will send an undisclosed 2009 draft pick back to the Cowboys.


Also, Pacman has reached a financial settlement with the Titans regarding his contract situation. ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports that Jones must pay $500,000 to a charity chosen by the Titans sometime in the next two years. He will receive a new contract from the Cowboys.



Free-agent quarterback Daunte Culpepper visited the Green Bay Packers on Tuesday.

The New England Patriots signed three free agents Wednesday: tight end Marcus Pollard, punter Scott Player and defensive lineman Kenny Smith.

Cardinals unwilling to deal Boldin, willing to talk contract

Chad Johnson wants to get traded or he will holdout the Bengals say Hold out then



10 most penalized players, 2004-07


Player Number

Robert Gallery 46

Alex Barron 43

Leonard Davis 39

Chris McAlister 39

Tarik Glenn 37

Al Harris 36

Flozell Adams 35

Quentin Jammer 33

Chester Pitts 33

Jason Taylor 33

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"Looking to get back into the fourth round of this weekend's NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys on Friday traded linebacker Akin Ayodele and tight end Anthony Fasano to the Miami Dolphins for a fourth-round pick, reports NFL Network's Adam Schefter."


Atlanta Falcons Kevin Lovell (K) signed.


Green Bay Packers

Tony Palmer (G) cut.

Chris Patrick (T) cut.

Cliff Washburn (T) cut.


San Diego Chargers Casey Bramlet (QB) acquired from waivers.

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The burnout from football that I had in February is wearing off....




Now I can't wait for a football game to begin. Whether it's youth football, high school football, college football, or the NFL is of little difference to me.




Dawes ain't too bright. Hitting rock bottom is when you leave 2 tickets on the dash of your car, leave it unlocked hoping someone will steal them & when you come back, there are 4 tickets on your dashboard.
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Green Bay Packers-Number 1 All Time Franchise?



Hard to argue with number one, Steelers should be higher.


Chargers #20? Most likely not too many productive seasons and ZERO Superbowl wins.

Interesting link. I'd be curious to see the actual calculations of their "misery-to-joy" rating system.


The Steelers are a great modern team, but before the early 70s, they spent 40 years as, well, the Pittsburgh Pirates of the NFL. :lol:


Frankly, I thought my Giants were a bit too high. The write-up talks about the franchise's consistency over 80+ years, but glosses over the awful period from 1964 to 1980 (which featured only 2 seasons with a winning record and not a single playoff appearance). Also, I'd have thought that their long tradition of crapping out in championship games (12 losses to only 6 wins) would've hurt them more.

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