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The error report says something like this," If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on is now lost!!!" 

  And it gives you 2 options,    Send error report  or    Don't Send!!!!

  Does that do any help?

More details on your system, what you were doing, where you were at in the game will go a long way. Sounds like a crash to the desktop in WindowsXP to me so far.


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That's a standard error message from Windows. It could be caused by ANYTHING, most likely you hadn't shut-down recently, or else your Anti-Virus software is over-active.


You need to post:

your computer specifications,

the Operating System (Windows XP Home / Pro, etc)

and what you had open at the time.


You have not posted nearly enough information to allow anyone to help you.




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Sorry for replying so late, I was out for a while. Do you have a MSN? we can talk there. PM sometimes is a hassle.


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Sounds more like a Windows issue, with your graphics card and or the game it's self running on your harddrive, if playing the game is that important i suggest reinstalling windows.

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