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  1. Well, that's not funny. However I'm not mad because I consider it a joke.
  2. Above is spamming. And I think PCI card works out fine, but PCI<AGP<PCI Express. I mean speed...If better, I encourage you to purchase an AGP out of PCI because of faster speed. If you have lots of money why don't you upgrade you whole computer: Motherboard, Graphic card, Hard drive, Memory, etc.?
  3. thanks that actually fixed my problem also <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No problem. It's good to hear your problem is solved.
  4. Oh, how typically Jedi? I am Sith............. so NO JEDI for me........ unless Jedi Slave <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Like Jolee. And don't shout. It's impolite especially in public.
  5. Ummmm..... right anyway... I don't think it matters what graphic card you have, just so long as you have enough space on you computer... and if you not a mac user... I feel sorry for them, never getting to see the impact of K2 :'( unless of course they have an X-Box which is good for them. :joy: enough of my ramblings, you can get on with your life now... lol :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Anakin, there is a Mac version of K2. But I bet it will lag in Dantooine.
  6. I think it's Module...Not modification. You really sure about that? I have Handmaiden version, but not Mira version. No, I won't post it up unless I get approved from a Moderator.
  7. Really. BTW, First person view is activated by "Caps Lock", not "Tab", which is changing the NPC you control.
  8. Who said it's impossible? I have evidences...Hard evidences...Some may seen it before...Thanks to Shem.
  9. My opinion is to start a new game. Since you're just Telos, so I think it takes about 1 to 2 hours to hit Telos. Why don't you erase all save games and replay it?
  10. Yeah, on Dantooine it lags, only if you're using ATI driver. Type in this under [Graphics Options]: "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" without quotation marks. You have to type in this manually because you can't disable it by option menu. Hope it helps. )
  11. I don't like card games, frankly...SO I think I'll pass on that one. Enjoy.
  12. Answer: How to enable this power: 1. It works both First Person View and Third Person View. 2. You have to turn on Frame Buffer Effect, under "Graphics" in "Option". 3. You have to download Team Gizka's fix. What it look like: 1. It shows NPC's alignment. Red for DS, blue for LS, gray for neutral. 2. It can look through doors, but not walls and enter/exit of area.
  13. And another thing is, they will use health packs if their health is too low...Toughest opponent I've even encountered. My opinion is use a good ranged weapon, run to the desk at east of the door to the cantina, and shot. The twin suns will not chase you if you're fast enough. And, use Vibroblades instead of lightsabers because Vibroblades can cut through the shields.
  14. Wrong...Wrong...Wrong... For Health points, we prefer Vitality Points... For Sentinel, I think it's Constitution, not Dexterity unless it has DS mastery...otherwise, it's Constitution. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> God your tedious. I don't want to rob you of the small satisfaction you must have got from writing "Wrong...Wrong...Wrong..." and frankly I don't really care what you think. Guardian's are recommended Strength. Sentinel's are recommended Dexterity. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Me neither... Guardian: Strength, right. But Sentinel? Just dodging bullets and grenades doesn't help you during a lightsaber duel, right? So I recommend Constitution.
  15. Chainz.2da is a good modder... But however, the invisible console works fine with me, if I got an grenade without any name, I simply sell it, store it somewhere, and forget it.
  16. Frankly, it's simply a three-unknown equation...Solve it if you got a good math...
  17. Looks interesting for me. Like, it prevents Ambush if in real life or in FPS...
  18. Wrong...Wrong...Wrong... For Health points, we prefer Vitality Points... For Sentinel, I think it's Constitution, not Dexterity unless it has DS mastery...otherwise, it's Constitution.
  19. No comment on this...I never play MMORPGs...
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