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Ideal weapon configurations for part members

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One of the shortcomings that I found about this game compared to the first one is that upon recieving a new party member, it is not immediately apparent which direction the character should be taken. In the first one, all the characters started with there own weapon, and usually had weapons specifically designed for them (Carth's Blaster, Mission's Vibroblade, etc.)


Some characters are obvious, like how HK-47 starts with a rifle, or how the game suggests equipping Atton with blasters on Peragus. With the other characters, though, it's not quite as clear.


Atton: Is it best to use a single blaster, or a double blaster with him?


Visas Krei: Both seems to be best with melee weapons, and light sabres should be equipped immediately, I would assume.


Bal Daur: I have no idea. Is it best to leave him unequipped so he can use his fist? Problem is, he is a scoundrel, is he not? Wouldn't it be best to equip him with some blasters?


Handmaiden: She recieves a weapon called the Handmaiden staff or something like that, but her character would suggest she is best as an unequpped fighter. Is this true?


GOTO: I have read on here that he is completely useless, so I am not too worried about him.


HK-47: I think it is safe to assume he is best with blaster rifles, as he has those feats right off the bat.


T3: Is he very good in battle compared to the other characters? I thought he was awesome on Peragus, but I don't know how he would hold up later in the game. Furthermore, is it best to equip him with one or two blasters?


Those are all the characters that I have. As you can tell, I am very inexperienced with the game, and kind of suck at it, so please don't give me a hard time, haha. I did Nar Shadaa as my first planet, and I have suffered from character overload; within an hour, I recieved five new characters: Haindmaiden when I left Telos, revieved Mira and GOTO as part of the plot development, around this time I also recieved Visas, and when I finished the planet, HK was completely repaired.


The problem is, I can only have three party members in my group at a time, and I find myself using characters I am already used to (Anton and Kreia, mostly. I am beginning to use HK a lot now, though).


Any suggestions on what direction I should take each character in would be very helpful. Are there alot points in the game where you are forced to use certain characters? I know I was forced to use Bal Daur on Telos, are there any more situations like that?


Sorry for the length of this, but any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Please note, I'm new to KotoR2 so I might miss a lot of points here.


But to KotoR1, actually the best way to build Mission was to give her twoweapon and flurry. And Carth, I never used him much later but I let him focus totally on twoweapon and flurry as well.


In general, I would suggest twoweapon and flurry for every non-jedi you have.


Jedis are better with twoweapon and power attack. And of course Master Speed.


The main character might do a Str focussed build. Then twoweapon and Critical Strike works great; even more damage potential and the chance to stun the opponent.


However, to characters such as Kreia I avoid battle feats at all. She's rather using her force powers anyway so I focus on those instead of battle stuff. Once she has that perfectioned one can give her Flurry as an easy choice.

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Atton can work well as a saber-Jedi or a blaster man. Depends on what you want. Good blasters can be hard to come by tho. I use dual-blasters when possible.


Handmaiden - never used her myself, but hubby had her using sabers and she was fine. I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone say they used her as a h2h, beyond her scripted combats w/the PC.


T3 - I always used double-blasters with him. He's ok later in the game if you want to use him to be different, but nothing special.


Visas - saber, yup.


Kreia - I tended to give her a blaster because I wanted her to stay in the back casting spells - thus when she ran out of 'Force' she would use the blaster instead of running into melee and getting in my way. :lol: You could apply this to any character you want to hang out in the back as support.


Bao-Dur - I've used him with just about everything (including a saber, of course). He's pretty flexible, really, although he's not a beefy tank. I consider h2h kind of weak in this game damage wise but it's fun to watch him punch and kick people. Hahah.


Bottom line - except for the droids, none of them are really "locked" into being best with one thing or another weapon wise...if you start early with something, pick the skills that go with it, and stick with it, they'll become fairly adept with it by the end. I pick the few npc's that I'll use most of the time and build them up as I want, and leave the rest as their sort of 'default' build. Just my opinion.


Yes, there's a few other points in the game where your character choices are mildly to severely limited for a "mission."


And I do the same thing re: character overload..tend to stick with a few faves. That's what replaying is for...trying all the others. :devil:

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I usually end up with the following equipment:


Exile: Two Sabers

Kreia: One Saber

Atton: One Blaster / One Saber

Visas: Double Saber

Handmaiden: Unarmed or Two Sabers (or Double Saber)

Disciple: One Blaster / One Saber

Mira: One Blaster / One Saber

Hanharr: Two Vibro Blades (or Double Vibro)

Mandalore: Two Blasters / Two Vibro Blades

HK-47: Disrupter Rifle

G0-T0: Two Blasters

T3-M4: One Blaster Pistol (or One Blaster Rifle, after a sweet combat upgrade)


Big picture, there's not a "best" path for any of them ... except HK-47, I guess, since his assassin droid abilities lean heavily on getting him the weapons that are most likely to score a critical hit, but even then, a disruptor pistol will work just fine.


For example, Mandalore starts with rifle feats, etc. - and if you played K1, you have an urge to equip him with the biggest repeater you can find - but he makes an incredible melee tank (especially if you go LS and don't get Hanharr).

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Alright, thanks a lot, guys and girls.


Other than KOTOR 1, I have never played a game of this magnitude before. All the other RPGs I played always restricted the characters to certain weapons and armor, so it was kind of overwhelming for me to see so much customization. That's probably why in the first KOTOR, I let the game decide what each character was best at, because I was too stupid to figure it out on my own, haha.


It's a very complicated game. Thanks again.

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Right... in order of availability:


T3M4 - 2 ion blasters, plus his shock arm and an ion weapon, can be very good

against other droids, but I rarely use him after peragus, preferring my own

character or bao-dur for skill related stuff.


Exile - Lightsaber + Shortsaber, maxed for damage, with master speed and master

flurry can pump out 5 attacks a turn with about 70 damage each, in other words a

one hit kill machine. (yes that is about 350 damage in one go :p )


Atton - Always 2 blasters, best combo if you can get it is a mandalorian disintegrator

and a Dashade Sonic Disruptor, plenty of damage, with attribute damage, to soften

up harder enemies. Set as ranged tactic, with Lightsaber and Shortsaber as

secondaries once he's a jedi, max out 2 weapon fighting a must.


Kreia - Well she only has one hand for much of the game, so a saber that boosts

force ability (wisdom, charisma, force regeneration) and deflection (I managed one

with +15 deflection) to keep her alive and pumping out force powers, whilst on

jedi support tactic.


Bao-Dur - Much like Atton, in terms of weapons, I generally prefer to max out his

computer use, repair, demolitions and security, and leave him in ranged mode, to

keep him out of the way and hence alive.


Handmaiden/Disciple - Melee weapons, if jedi LS + SS maxed for damage, with

offensive force powers, if non-jedi vibrosword + vibroblade combo. Don't bother

with ranged feats, or ranged boosting items.


Mira - As I never level her up until she becomes a jedi, I treat her as a second

player character, directing her towards lightsaber combat, with enhancing force

powers, once again LS + SS although I tend to keep her in character and go for

plenty of stun/slow/critical strike bonuses, great support combat character.


Hanharr - 2 max damage vibroswords, the bigger and nastier the better, forget

anything else, he is (no pun intended) a melee beast.


HK47 - His HK47 specific droid sniper rifle, with plenty of damage enhancing

upgrades, secondary - usually a couple of ion pistols for anti-droid work.


Mandalore - Biggest, most powerful rifle I can lay my hands on, maxed for damage

with a vibrosword, vibroblade combo in reserve, ranged tactic.


Once I have turned all characters that I can into jedi, I usually go with Exile + Mira

+ one other (LS) or Exile + Kreia + one other (DS). :(

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Atton: I equip Atton with duel blasters and have him be a long-range Jedi/Sith sniper...


Visas: I mainly concentrate on force powers, with flurry as the combat back-up. I also find it fun to have an all hand-to-hand team with myself, Ms. Handmaiden, and Ms. Marr... :ermm:


Bao-Dur: IMHO Bao is alloying a hell, so I never use him. However, he is a good swordsman if you're willing to stomach his dialog...


Handmaiden: This sexy girl is the queen of close combat, so concentrate on her hand-to-hand skills by sparing while she is in lingerie... (w00t)


GOTO: I never use Mr. GT, so I wouldn't know the best weapons to use with this droid... :-"


HK-47: I use duel blasters or a blaster rifle with HK, as he needs nothing else... :brows:


T3: As I think T's a hunk of scrap medal that only has one redeeming aspect: his unlimited shock arm attachment. If you must use him get the duel wield feats and equip this bundle of rust with two good blasters... :bat:


Exile: This is up to you, although I prefer a hand-to-hand trained force user...


Kreia: I give her a blaster when I'm forced to use her...


Mira: She is the other Jedi/Sith sniper, although I usually give Mira a rifle over handguns...


Mandalore: He is a tank and can use a double-bladed sword or two blasters...

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With T3, his shock-arm is particularly effective. If character has Repair skill and Computer Use skill that is 16+, it will allow droid to be upgraded, with bonuses to Dex and Con. Either buy and look for diatum plating for T3, and if possible, get a plasma type of weapon, which is particularly effective against HK-50 droids on Nar Shaddaa and the renewable shield that can be activated unlimited times for droid. Shield is gotten from Sullustan whose droid has been sold to Kodin. (Get droid back for him and shield is given as reward) With this, droid can do without blasters.

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My usual set-up looks something like this (with some modification depending if I'm doing a Force-blaster, a Lightsaber fighter or a Blaster Pistol Jedi):


Atton: I rarely give him two-weapon fighting, although that tends to be the most optimized way to go due to the extra attacks. Most of the time I give him a blaster rifle until he becomes a Jedi and then goes Lightsaber (I tend to give him a saber with some +Dex crystals or keen.)


Kreia: As has been said, a blaster is good. If she's on Jedi Support as is best for her, it won't be an issue very often, but it's better than her going and getting in people way, or worse, running through a minefield that you're trying to shoot over. I rarely have a spare lightsaber for her until later in the game anyways, and at that point I usually give her Freedon Nadd's saber.


T3-M4: Double Ion blasters. The vast majority of places you'll use him will be full of droids (Peragus, the Warehouse, Goto's ship, etc.) If you get all his upgrades that you can give him, that Bao-Dur can give him, and the one he can get on Goto's ship, he makes for a very nice combatant, and can easily smoke most droids. If he gets in a fight with others, his stun arm is priceless, although I find he rarely uses it of his own initiative. If I recall correctly, it stuns droids as well, so using it on droids is also good.


Bao-Dur: Unless there are mines in the way (in which case, blaster rifle or ion rifle), and unless you've made him a Jedi, unarmed is the best way to go, since he has Unarmed Training and some feats that add Electric damage to his hits, not to mention the ability to knock out personal shields. Once he's a Jedi, I tend to give him a lightsaber (double or single depending on feats) with extra damage against droids. Once you find a set of gloves that give extra unarmed damage (either the +Electric or the +Unstoppable) it's worth it to give him those and set him back to unarmed.


Handmaiden: Same thing applies to her as to Bao-Dur, except that she can't break shields, doesn't get electric damage, and being able to Knockdown is a bit better than being able to Slow. Same thing with the Jedi bit, she's good with lightsaber then (especially a high damage one), but unarmed gloves can shift the balance. Unfortunately, she can't become a Jedi until you reach a specific level, which means she tends to stay with unarmed for a while when I play.


Visas Marr: Double-bladed lightsaber, with a pair of back-up blasters in case you get into a fight where you don't want to enter melee. Maximizing damage is probably the best for her sabre, but +Dex is good if you aren't giving her armor feats, and the Kaiburr crystal is good if you don't turn her good and she's doing a Jedi Support dark side setup (more force regeneration for spamming Force Lightning and Insanity).


Disciple: Easily, a lightsaber is best. Since you can easily make him a Jedi the first time you talk to him (if you're Lightside), you can choose feats with this in mind and give him a nice +damage double lightsaber with TWF, or a pair of good blaster pistols and the Force Deflection power. If he's stuck on soldier mode, blasters or double-vibro sword still work well, and he makes a decent tank for as long as you can stand to hear him say "You have left me an opening!"


Mira: I tend to set her up pretty much identically to Atton, although she can afford to use a lightsaber more once she's a Jedi because there's no chance of her setting off mines, which is a plus. I've never used her as a Grenadier before, so I don't know how useful her wrist rocket-launcher is, except that it's not much use against Hanharr. Rapid Shot with a pair of blaster pistols works nicely here if you set her feats up nicely, and lets you deal with Hanharr to some extent, although it's a shame to have to level her up then, because she can become Jedi right after you get G0-T0.


Hanharr: Best tank in the game, no question. Give him a fully upgraded Double Vibro-sword or the double-bladed Sith sword, and watch him leave a path of destruction. If he's in my group I tend to leave the other members to AI and use him, as his AI rarely uses Wookie Rage, which makes him, for all intents and purposes, invincible.


G0-T0: Normal pistols, with a backup of ion pistols in case any droids get out of line. Really, the best thing to do with G0-T0 is to have him use Stealth and Droid Trick to move around and disarm/hack/unlock/etc. things. Droid Confusion makes a good weapon too, if there's a tough droid around that you can manage to take control of.


Mandalore: The same things apply to him as to Hanharr, though he's not nearly as invincible. He works okay with a pair of blasters, but his lower dexterity hampers that, and it usually requires you to turn his implant off Regeneration and onto Dexterity, which reduces his invincibility. Unfortunately for the use of heavy weapons, KOTOR II has no analog to that Baravar Heavy Blaster that did +4d10 Fire damage in the original game.


HK-47: Charric, or a fully upgraded Disruptor Rifle. It's funny to watch him fight unarmed, though. Really makes him look pathetic. Make sure to give him all the best droid combat upgrades you get, as long as they aren't redundant.


Remote: Make sure you get all the on_entry cut scenes that you can on the Ebon Hawk, so as to get Bao-Dur to upgrade Remote's blaster. It isn't super important, but it makes a nice light boost when you use Bao-Dur, and it helps if you miss a Storm Beast on Malachor.

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Apart from Mandalore, Power Attacks work quite well with the Handmaiden. Considering that her Str can be increased with Power Implants, Str bonus from LS mastery, apart from a GNS Strength Enhancer and also a pair of Dominator gauntlets. However, its been a long time since my character was male.

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With Kreia, it would usually be something close to a vibrosword with agranium upgrade, sonic discharge cell mark III, and ostrine edge, damagewise. Otherwise, for the quest of rescuing PC from G0T0's yacht would be single lightsaber. Lightsaber is a bit easieras emitter upgrade for saber could add bonus to blaster deflection. That added to advanced jedi defence feat considered.

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Some see salvation as an act of God, a few look within for it.



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