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  1. Well, possibly because it was the first game, and so there'd be no point rushing it without previous success in the series showing that it would make good profits, and secondly, KOTOR I had cut content, just not as much as KOTOR II (Juhanni romance, Dark Side Female + Carth ending, visiting Sleheyron, etc.)
  2. Just wait until a Watchman or Assassin stuns him and then sneak attacks for massive damage. And then stealths so as to rinse and repeat.
  3. The nice thing about him is that he can very easily have the maximum skill points in every skill other than Persuade, making him an invaluable one-stop skillsman for, say, a Guardian with no skills other than Persuade and Demolitions or Treat Injury. Also, with a pair of gloves that increase unarmed damage (or with a lightsaber), he can hold his own in a fight. Plus, Shield Breaker is nothing to sneeze at.
  4. To quote myself in a previous poll: Also, I don't imagine the point is to see who the most hated is, but to see that it isn't unanimous. Which it sort of isn't. A bit... ;_;
  5. Yes. Until, character realigns himself/herself back to being darksided. However, weapon master feats like extra melee damage might still work even if character is darkside, just that +3 Str from LS mastery is not given. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> This is true. I went Jedi Weaponmaster during a Neutral game, and lost no abilities upon returning to Neutrality or mild Dark Side. Which is good, because it's much easier to grab a Jedi prestige class and go down to neutral than taking a Sith one and rising up to it.
  6. They can't get as many, but they can get enough. Really, when you get down to it, a dark side guy is mostly going to be doing Force Lightning and Force Crush (which he'll get for free), with the occasional neutral buff and perhaps a few drains. Light side will likely take some self-buffs and stasis, but Kreia can handle buffs if needed. Lord and Master certainly allow for more versatility, but any class can easily get the core powers and still have room for customization.
  7. Indeed. And with light side, the vast majority of their powers are buffs, and by the time they run out, most of the force points you spent on them will have regenerated. Force Enlightenment makes that excess even worse. Really, Force points are only an issue on the first few planets (ie. Peragus, Telos, and possibly your first planet afterwards).
  8. The only problem is cost of Force points. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't know about you, but I found that under any Dark side build, once I got to full dark, I could spam Force Lightning as much as I wanted without taking much of a hit to Force Points. Now, a light side guy is going to have some problems with that, but I've never seen a Dark side guy set up where it was an issue.
  9. Quite. There isn't as huge a similarity as there is between the Sith Holocron and the Sith Assassin voices (in the sound files), but it's certainly there, and the various syllables in the two voices are similar, taking into account the strange "accent" that Nihilus has. I've always found that his speech always sounded like a bunch of different voices, ie. the moans of all those he consumed. But the actual speech is definitely similar to the Sith Holocron and Assassin.
  10. As long as it's not hot pink or anything. A proper pink would be better than having two oranges. "Bronze" my arse.
  11. Further correction. Kreia is a good ally regardless of alignment, but is great when you're neutral. Very fun to have her applaud your manipulations of people in a neutral game.
  12. KOTOR: Revan - Heart of the Guardian and Mantle of the Force Bastila - Double-bladed Yellow (Light) or Double-bladed Red (Dark) Jolee - Single Green Juhani - Blue and Violet KOTOR II: The Exile - Viridian and Silver (Light) or Bronze and Cyan (Dark) Kreia - Ludo Kresh's Short Lightsaber Atton - Single Viridian (Light) or Single Orange (Dark) Bao Dur - Double-bladed Blue or Yellow (Light) or Double-bladed Red (Dark) Handmaiden - Double-bladed Cyan (Light) or Double-bladed Violet (Dark) Visas Marr - Double-bladed Violet (Light) or Double-bladed Red (Dark) Disciple - Viridian and S
  13. Sith Assassin. Has the nice Force Stealth like the Watchman, but also has the best Sneak Attack progression in the game, tying with Scoundrel. Plus, it has Demolitions as a class skill instead of Treat Injury, so a Consular/Assassin has every skill as a class skill. Combine with Stasis Feild/Insanity and Mind Trick/Confusion for great fun.
  14. Man, you guys need to play more Stealth games. G0-T0 rocks. Not as much as some others, but he's not nearly as bad as people make him out to be. If you want a straight killing machine, he certainly isn't as effective as HK-47, although he does have that person combat enhancement thing. And his roll can certainly encroach on T3-M4's territory, but T3's best for when you need someone who can do skills and can hopefully survive a flat out fight (what with his personal Regeneration, Infinite Shield and Shock Arm.) But that's not to say G0-T0 can't survive in those situations, it's just that he
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