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Get the NWN2 manual here

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Physical copies are the best. :)

That they are. You get a hold of a game that in the future will be a collectors item.

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Even better is a direct download service that till ship a hardcopy to you when you download the game online. That way youll get to play the game before stores open or the post office delivers and still have a disc so you wont need to redownload everything again after youve uninstalled it

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Physical copies are the best. :-

yup. it is generally considered a detriment to gameplay to not have the physical media from which you are playing. those that attempt to play games, of any kind, not just crpgs, without the physical media, often complain of poor graphics, a story that leaves them feeling empty and un-involved, and overall bad gameplay. they say it almost feels as if they're not even playing a game, but simply sitting at a computer.



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Nothing beat physical copies of course, but I also like having pdf copies available to supplement it. If you have a rule extensive manual like that of the BGs or NWNs and you're looking for something specific, then Ctrl-F is totally sweet and awesome. Sure as hell beats scouring a book manual in frustration.

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True enough - but strictly speaking, both methods are inferior to Cranial USB connectins.


Cyberbrain FTW!1  :D

It would be nice if they could make a computer chip that is incorporated into your brain which allows you to call up anything from memory. Which could connect to your example there and you would not have to read, the info would be implanted into your memory.


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