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you have to first look up the codes that you need to enter, IGN is good but most sites have it fairly correct. In order to activiate cheats in game you have to hit the tilde key ( looks like = ~ ) After that type in the code exactly how you read it, but take note that unlike in K1 the cheat line in K2 is invisible, so you have to type accuractly. Enjoy!

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Gamespot is such a site that list cheat codes.

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I have to confess that when i made the pics,i did a big ass imortal and money cheat. :">

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on some European keyboards you have to press shift (or ALT-GR) + ~ button and then space in order to activate the console (as this is how you write the symbol) .. it's a little wierd, but that's why some with non-US or English KBs can't get it to work!

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not true .. a mod usually alters a gameplay significally - while a cheat can be used to get the +30 gp you are missing to buy the +1 mace (or whatever) .. hence it would be pretty much overkill to mod the game for such minor cheats.. :)

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Same here. But some people dont play on PC, so then the console menu cheats may be their only option.


There are many 'mods' that aren't big gameplay-changers either...Morrowind and Dungeon Siege was full of those. Tiny little 'mods' that really did nothing but give you lots of money somehow, or gave you a house to put all your stuff in, or made shopkeepers sell potions at an earlier point etc. :)

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