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Vampire: Bloodlines.


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Whew :)


Day 4 part 2 :) Spoilerific :)


Did waaaaaaaaaay too much today, so I'll just give the highlights :)


Museum stealth mission = suck! :(

Cemetary full of zombies = win! :)

Mansion of creepy creatures = yikes :p

Sewer Dungeon Crawl = actually fun :)


Now I'm heading to chinatown :)


As a side note: My humanity keeps getting in the way :wacko: couldn't bring myself to kill an 'old friend' who recognized me, or the creepy dude on the beach :wacko:


One thing about this game I like is the "feeling" it has... at first it's like "oh crap I died and I'm now a vampire what the hell do I do now :wacko: " to the slow realization you are a vamp, to comfortably sinking into the role :)

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Don't violate the masquerade though! Your humanity may be nice and all...but violating the masquerade will result in your death, as well as the death of other vampires!


By creepy dude, you mean the one with the stutter?

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I've only had one violation :wacko:


Well, ok, two, but the first one (Patty) cancelled out since killing her seemed to give you a redemption :wacko:


Couldn't help Samantha... just couldn't bring myself to do it :p


I did something later to make up for it though, and I'm back up to five masks :wacko:


And yeah, I meant Mr. Stutter (who's name I can't remember)


I let him go too.

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I let him go as well. IIRC, you could let him go without violating the masquerade, which is all good.


The way they made the character did a pretty good job of conveying the fact that he really was terrified. The one time I did kill him, I actually felt a bit bad afterwards.

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1. You don't have to kill the friend, you can just tell her to bugger off while being really mean to her and she should, or use persuasion or other vampy powers on it (Dominate, Malk version of Dominate, etc.)


2. I can't remember what he third Brujah power is (Celerity, Potence, and ???) but Level 5 Celerity plus fully upgraded firearms skills makes for some awesome battles. Gets even better if you've got Auspex (I did this with a Toreador build).


The coolest thing about Celerity is when you get in the higher levels you can see the individual bullets zipping by and walk right around them, and all the environmental noises slow down. They really spent a lot of time polishing it.



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Oh, goodness, I know what you mean :p


I've neglected Potence and Presence for Celerity... I've got it at five now and it makes battles extremely easy :D


It's like everything slows down to a crawl while I'm zipping right along :D

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I think Darque is too nice to use intimidate anyway (see previous posts) :p


The game is good for several playthroughs if you like it the first time. While being a completely different beast to say, BG2, it does have one thing in common, there are a lot of little details to discover in the game.

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I can see me playing this at least two more times :p


Well, unless the ending sucks :wacko:


Very very rare for me to play a game more than once, but this one is just too awesome :wacko:


Kinda irks me that WW killed the setting it's based on. <_<

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