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KoTOR runs poorly; sometimes crashes

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Hey, I just installed KoTOR II on my dad's new HP computer, and it crashes. Alot. It barely runs when its not crashing, even with the settings turned as low as they can go. It looks like crap and is still unacceptably choppy during gameplay.


Now, this wouldn't surpise me normally, considering the computer is not exactly designned with fancy games in mind, but...


Half-Life 2 (and other Source engine games) run perfectly and smoothly all day with all settings turned as high as they can possibly go, including anit-aliasing and HDR lighting, etc. :lol: Which I think is weird.


What could be the problem? I'm not don't know the specs on the computer so I can't help much as far as that stuff goes...

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KotoR2 use's ALOT of vertex shaders which can cause a nasty amount of graphics lag. These are used to create the smoke and fog...two of the larger lag creaters, shadows being abit bigger.


Half Life 2 was designed to run on much lower grade system but maintain visual quality. Yeah a rarity to see with titles now. Doom3 equaly high with visual quality but instead of useing directx it use's opengl which it's engine hasn't been updated for some time.


post a dxdiag, lets see if we can make it run smoother at least.

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