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  1. Um... how come I have an orange crystal in TSL?
  2. MAdalorians? Have you been reading Darth Mad comcis a lot lately?
  3. Thats preety Lazy <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No...
  4. It only accepted the white meat... bones got sent back.
  5. No, you all wrong. Cyan, silver, and um... yeah those are the best.
  6. Handmaiden. I like being able to hack through enemies with a modded 2-blade 'saber and modded flex hvy armor... mmm... bloodbath. :D
  7. Uh... a lot more fans are female, and the male fans who like watching some middle-aged man run around in tight underwear... now I'm not saying... okay they're gay.
  8. Put up or shut up. The Exile is female, I like it that way, it gives a chance to for the Disciple to die tragically, and yes, you are sexist.
  9. Bob Dylan's Blues... Lord, I ain't goin' down t' no racetrack Ain't see no sportscar run I don't have no sportscar an' I dun feel the need t' have one I can walk anytime 'round the block...
  10. Goto is a bastard. I hope in KoTOR III there's a chance to cut off his legs with a rusty razors blade, then pour salt in his eyes and throw him into a pit of ill-tempered mutant kath hounds, WITH LASERS ON THEIR HEADS. That would be a start.
  11. Surely you've learned of the ancient Sith Ajunta Pall's redemption?!
  12. Didn't you get crushed by a crate of damage claim forms? Cookie to the first one to know what I'm talking about... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If it's a Fanfic,I don't know about that one but there is one where the Exile or someone else is on Tatooine,and chunks of flesh start falling from the Sky. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nope, that isn't what I was thinking of (I assume you're talking to me because of the quote?) Since I'm weak all tell you all. In 1970, a former attorney-turned-racecar driver took a pair of custom Ford Mustangs over to Southeast Asia to teach US troops how to drive musclecars. This was a big issue since these cars were popular at the time and many GIs killed themselves in them due to lack of driving profficiency. So this attorney (hence 'Lawman') trained the soliders to drive properly. However, before they could get the cars on land, one of them was crushed by none other than a several-ton crate of damage complaint forms- oh the irony! The other car, now owned by wrestler/TV host Bill Goldberg, survived, however. It is powered by a blown Boss 429 motor and is capable of covering the 1/4mi in 8 seconds at nearly 190mph! It's also worth more than your house. Phew, that took forever to type.
  13. It is, but the locals wouldn't like it and they'd probably kill you before you reach the Parish Line... "
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