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another KotOR3 rumor


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The Unofficial Five of Next Gen

They're not official yet, but we know deep down we're going to be seeing them sooner or later.


The next generation has begun with the release of the Xbox 360, and as with any new console cycle, there are a few games that we all know will be coming down the pipeline that no one is willing to talk about until some sort of official announcement is made. While we're still lacking on details and even 100% confirmation on several big name titles, we know E3 2006 will likely be the unveiling ground for at least a few. With that said, let's take a look at a few of the games that are coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution that have yet to be announcement, but will almost assuredly be must have titles for each console.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III


One of the most successful Star Wars games of all time is heading to the next generation courtesy of Obsidian. The third installment of the series will expand on the somewhat lackluster second title and once again be exclusive to Microsoft. We've heard that Bioware has had very little involvement with the third title, but Obsidian has been clearly instructed to take their time and pump out a game that rivals the original in quality.


We don't expect Knights III to make an appearance at E3 2006, but the holiday season should bring around news on the next generation title. Expect it to pick up many years after Knights II with an entirely new cast of characters and even more force powers. Shifting your character between light and dark will also have a much more significant impact on the game.

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It was allready discovered earlier. And you can read about it in the Kotor III Suggestions topic. I guess you don't have to bother any longer as some moderator will close this thread with a big smile.

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