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The 3rd Project


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Kevin Saunders (Kone)


some info from Chris Avellone.


Relevant text:


13. The unannounced semi-original IP "inspired by a license" project. It's the first original Obsidian project, so the expectations and pressure must be high. Without being too specific, what design decisions can we expect? What's Obsidian's vision of a successful and original project these days, when sequels seem to rule the gaming world?


This is purely hypothetical if someone takes offense at this, and since I am one of five owners, this is also solely my opinion without consultation with the other hive minds.


Vision of a successful project - the priority of these components vary, but I'll present them in the order of how I see the priority, since I am egocentric:


- Its core gameplay should be fun. Aside from our lead designer, Kevin Saunders, our third project has two of the three sub-lead designers (one Josh Sawyer, the other, Brian Heins, who were able to persuade to depart Rockstar) devoted to overseeing the two core game mechanics of the game and making sure they are as fun for the player as possible. I can't go into too much detail on the actual systems, but having someone carrying the torch for a core game mechanic is important - and it also allows it to be consistently held up throughout the entire game instead of chopped up amongst designers.


- At Obsidian, we place a high priority on story and characters. Again, with our third project, we have another sub-lead (Brian Mitsoda, who did a lot of the story work and dialogue work on Vampire: Bloodlines) devoted solely to the overall story, its presentation, dialogue, influence mechanics, and voice acting for the game.


- It should meet the consumer expectations whenever possible. There are certain expectations that the gaming community will have when the game is announced, and it is our responsibility to provide them with the experience they're looking for.

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Does Kone ever come here and post? It sure would be nice to hear a word or two from him regarding the project.

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I admit I have no idea where they are with the game yet.. but it might be that we are not hearing because, in addition to them not being far enough into the game to be able to tell us anything, they might not be far enough to be able to tell us any more than we have heard.


And while most of the guys there are wonderfully nice, and like to chat, some don't care to, as they haven't been around that atmostphere much. After the game is officially announced, then we can complain about not seeing him and wonder what is really going on. :D


then again, on Aug 27th, he said that it would be a while before they could say anything. ... so maybe around E3.

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Does Kone ever come here and post? It sure would be nice to hear a word or two from him regarding the project.


Kone did the "hi" thread in Project New Jersey forum.

That could explain it :D

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hey guys ! thx for you replies !!

And maybe some knows who is the leader of the 4rd project?

Yeah i look forward to this year's E3, hope that there will be something bout Fallout 3 aswell.

it seems that i should collect some money to buy next-gen :/. It's almost like betrayal.

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