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Morrowind Soundtrack released


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For those who don't know, DirectSong http://www.directsong.com is some company with affiliation with Jeremy Soule whose goal is to expand gaming music beyond that of the retail version. Basically, it allows composers to create additional music after the game is released, releasing them in music 'expansion packs'. Guild Wars is the first game to have used its services.


I just found out Morrowind's soundtrack is now available for purchase on it as well. The tracks have been remastered and are of higher quality now, and there seem to be bonus tracks (sample 16 wasn't in the game). If there's anything good I can say about Morrowind, it's that I love the soundtrack. The main theme is still one of my favorite gaming tracks. I'll be purchasing this indeed. As a gaming music enthusiast, DirectSong is a big boon.


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Overall, it's one of my favourite game soundtracks, too. I just can't help cringing when I hear those first few notes of Track 4, though... damnable Cliff Racers...

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I hated the main theme when I heard it. Unless what I heard wasn't the main theme, and some other, horrible song. I felt it was weak.

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I hated the main theme when I heard it.  Unless what I heard wasn't the main theme, and some other, horrible song.  I felt it was weak.

The main theme, which I take to be track 1 from the DirectSong site, is fantastic background when you reach the top of a hill as the sun is rising and look down over a newly-discovered valley full of possibilities. :(


The soundtrack did get a little repetitive, but that's always going to happen with an epic game, I suppose.

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I went to that site and listened to the preview tunes.. and suddenly I found myself longing to play Morrowind again! What the hell? :)

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