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Jedi Party Members

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Just a quick question... Is it possible to convert more than one of your party members into Jedi in one game? (i.e. from start to finish).


I can only ever seem to convert one of them in each game, no matter how much influence I gain with the others...

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These party members can be trained as jedi:


Atton as a Sentinel, Bao-Dur as a Guardian, Handmaiden as a Guardian, Disciple as a Consular and Mira as a Sentinel.


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The one I have the hardest with is


. But everyone else pretty much comes right on along when I need them to. :p

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-- Jedi Master Seraphis Dakari

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Bao Dur is pretty is just agree with his convos, have him in you party when you go to Onderon and give a starport visa to the republic spy or w/e he is. This gives you influence with him, also if you let him take a look at the speeder on Nar Shadda then it gives you influence. There are 3-4 party members who gain influence at the speeder lol

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Its all about the influence. Just get the right amount with each person, and it should be easy. The only one I havent converted is Atton, but then I never have him with me in my party when there is always someone better (Visas and Kriea All the way {Almost!} :D )

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The thing with Bao-Dur is that he responds only to what you do and not what you say, so you can't talk to him just to gain influence. You lose influence with him if you do DS acts and can gain it if you behave LS.


But knowing that, it isn't so difficult to build influence with him, especially you use an influence guide, so you know which situations he responds to.


But of course, this makes building influence with him a pain if you're aiming for being the next dark lord...

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