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Locked, then deleted thread in WOT


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Yesterday I was reading a thread about how a WoW question ended up on Jeopardy. Someone had posted the video, and also posted another video for background info. Now, there are a few folks who grumble about anything to do with WoW, but I thought this was a very interesting topic and I was going to comment how neat it is to see games get on shows like Jeopardy.


...but the thread was locked. Authority locked it and left a note saying to PM him about it if there were question. So I PM'ed him, even though it wasn't my thread, because I thought this was very odd and I wanted to have the discussion. I never heard back.


...and now the thread has been completely deleted. I don't know why...some may say bandwith, but the locked Beautiful Pictures thread is still floating, so that seems to lack logic.


So what's the deal? Keep in mind, I tried to keep this to PM's, but I've had no response from that.

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Well that was fun. Please do make use of the PM system when discussing admin of the board - it really does help the mod squad earn its 'evil - lazy - inconsistent' moniker after all.



The universe is change;
your life is what our thoughts make it
- Marcus Aurelius (161)


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