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Revan and the exile

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Alright I've been gone for a while from these boards and recently went to the gamefaq boards in which i was recieved with topics about Revan vs the exile.


Now I know this might be flamebait but I have one simple question to ask.


In Kotor2 I forget who, but somebody says that revan let the exile go so he or she could see the ways of the jedi or something along those lines. Now with the knowledge that Revan had about the ds and the kinds of things that could happen with force bonds do you think Revan already knew what would happen to the exile thus not fearing what he would become? If this were the case this whole revan vs exile thing would be put to rest.Since if he did know who would dare create something stronger than himself especially a sith lord.

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@ Commissar - Yeah I believe Exile did give the order to use the MSG on M5. But I don't think the game says anything about "Revan letting the Exil go." That suggests that Revan and the Exile had fought and Revan had beat the Exile's ass and then let him go.

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