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Ummm A Little Help Here?

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Ok, So I'm fighting Kreia I got my nerve belt immunity and force mask on, and I got my stims and I am still losing..what should I do, Lvl 26 Jedi Master, Jedi Sentitenal...




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Things you can do:


First of all, don't get intimidated by her three lightsaber magic. Think of it as being no different than facing three dark Jedi armed with lightsabers.


Use your best shield. You should have found a good number of Verpine Prototype shields from the corpses of the enemies, especially on the Ravager. If not, backtrack, and make a bunch of them at the workbench in the Trayus Academy.


Cast Energy Resistance. This will offer a good bit of long lasting protection against her lightsabers.


If you have Force Speed, use it. You can kill off her floating lightsabers a lot more quickly.


If you are using medium or heavy armor, then reinforce it with some plating that can absorb energy attacks.


Cast Force Plague on Kreia. It can't be stopped, if she doesn't have Force Immunity on. This will reduce her inhuman stats to something more manageable.


Cast Force Wave on the lightsabers. It will push them back, and stun them. During this time, you can either hack on the lightsabers, or even decide to go after Kreia herself.

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Yeah, and next time, be at least level 30.


Actually, your level doesn't really matter that much, since the game's engine automatically scales up your opponent in accordance to your level. Kreia is no different from the rest.


For example, if you try to kill Queen Talia at the end of the game (when you've already killed off the other masters, etc), she can actually have 1000+ HP if your level is high enough. However, if you kill her relatively early, she won't have nearly that many HP.

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Simple solution? Run.


Might not sound so heroic, but then you always argue that you can get the loot hidden in the alcoves only if you go there during the final battle, which is even true...


Don't fight Kreia, just run off and let the sabers chase you. Give them the miss, if you can, then approach one carefully, so that only it will notice you and give chase. That way you can take them down one at a time.


Once they're all gone, activate all your buff-powers and shields, then attack Kreia with your lightsaber - Force Resistance/Immunity is a must here. But though she does have a ton of vitality, she's not much of a warrior and will soon go down.


If the battle goes against you, simply retreat and power up again - Kreia seems to never leave her spot, so use that against her, if you need to catch a breath.

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Once they're all gone, [snip]


Eh? I was under the impression that the end-battle ends after defeating the 3 sabers... (does for me)


To win: Either kill the 3 sabers, or whack Kreia (she won't fight back)


To do the second run away and let the sabers get stuck. Then return and finish her off... while she doesn't do anything to prevent you from killing her...

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Use the terrain to your advantage.


You can outrun the swords, hide behind a pillar on the opposite side of the "arena" and keep throwing your lightsaber at Kreia from a distance. Works like a charm every time.


Actually, you can kill Kreia with one hand on your mouse, clicking throw lightsaber and sipping a cup of coffee with your other hand at the same time :)

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I never had to run, even as a Jedi Master. If you can, be sure to use force-wave. Force Storm also helps. I was LS, but I still aquired that power and it helped a lot. Also: force resistance/immunity helps a lot. Kreia loves to throw out force powers in the beginning. With force immunity, all the powers she tried to use on me pretty much failed. throw lightsaber also helps, since it's always a guarunteed hit and can be done from a distance. :( And as others have said, use energy resistance, force speed, shields, and stims, as well as any items that aid in force resistance. :huh:

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