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making Bao-Dur a jedi

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i am a level 15/1 guardian/sith lord. i have a decent amount of influence with him and he is pretty far down the dark side. i've read that if you keep talking to him, eventually you'll stumble upon the right convo thread and it will just happen. however, i've explored every conversation and now the only option i get is "nevermind". did i do something wrong?

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I always found him the easiest TBH: I just keep him in my party all the time on the first planet i visit, this is particularly easy if you do your first planet as Dxun/Onderon :thumbsup::shifty:


On naarshada too, take Atton and Bao at the same time and train them to be Jedi :shifty:

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It takes two conversation with Bao-Dur to make him a Jedi when you play LS and three to make him a Jedi when you play DS.




Check out his entries under Telos and the first section for Nar Shaddaa in the LS walkthrough and then Telos and the second section for Nar Shaddaa in the DS walkthrough.

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