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News! China launches 'improved' version of RotS

Kaftan Barlast

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I could close this thread for being off topic, but all of this nonsense apparently comes from the original link. Weird stuff, though.

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The best picture/subtitle combo was clearly:





so... she's going to have breakfast, make a house, and pop out a kid? or is she going to eat the kid in the new house?

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I dont think it can compare to Palp's smooth persuation skillz




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This all must be because the tonalities are way out on the Mandarin (Wu? Hakka? Min? Xiang? Gan? Hui? Jin? Pinghua? Cantonese?) translation of the original English.


How was the sound quality, as a matter of interest?


(I wouldn't be surprised that the translator just put anything, considering no-one who could catch him out would understand his work ...) :)"




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