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When Should KOTOR 2 Take Place  

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  1. 1. When Should KOTOR 2 Take Place

    • Before KOTOR 1
    • Right after KOTOR 1
    • Many year later

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First off I would like to say that KOTOR is the best RPG game that is missing a couple of small details !


Ive been playing RPG's since I was six years old starting with Bards Tale , Dungeos and Dragons , and Hero's Quest. Obviously now that Im 25 years old I really dont have time to play, but I will always take the time to play a game of KOTOR's caliber !


These are some topics that I would like to address -


1. KOTOR 2 must take place much later in time then the original and should have nothing to do with the first one. I say this because the story is so complete and any effort to do this will only take away from the drama and intensity of the storyline.


2. We all know that in the Star War timeline there is a constant imbalance in GOOD and EVIL , therefore it should not be hard to find another story where an epic adventure for power in good or evil must take place. The original story of Reven and Malak is noted in the Star Wars timeline as should the sequal be from this timeline.


Here are somethings I would like to see changed or added into the game -

1. Better Endings - I had to play and beat the game 4 times to feel complete. Because after playing a game with a storyline of this magnitude and to see a 40 second ending that was so dull was horrible.


2. Love Story - Every Starwars movie has a love story and even though the story was good in KOTOR it was missing a completion to the story. Im not saying put something dirty in it , but in Return of the Jedi you knew Leia and Solo were in love. If you ever have seen or played the game Quest for Glory 5 you could pick and choose your love from a couple of different girls that would not be such a bad idea.


3. Character Imports - If you plan on making a story that is not completed when you beat the game , maybe we should be able to import our character like in the Quest for Glory and Dungeon and Dragons series.


4. Jedis - Start the game as a Jedi Padawan.


5. Faces - Have more character heads to choose from. (Especially with bald heads)


6. Bartering - Maybe be able to bargain when buying or selling items.


7. Lightsabers - Add the color Orange and also personalize the hilts (handles) like in Jedi Academy. That would make the Lightsaber that much more fun.


8. Equipment - You should be able to customize everything your character wears. His head , eyes , chest , arms , hands , legs and shoes. This is something I must complain about because after a while all your characters looked the same and the equipment you purchased was boring. There must be helmets and hoods (jedi robes) in this game.


9. Your Ship - Better battle sequences on your ship and customizable weaponry on the ship.


10. Clothes - When I played KOTOR as a soldier the clothing was retarded , give better clothing and be able to buy different clothing in the game.


11. Classes - I think the main character should be a JEDI but the other ones should be more varied than KOTOR was. Maybe add Pilot , Bounty Hunter , Body guard , Smuggler , etc.


Im sure there is more that I just can't remember. But KOTOR was a great storyline just as good as any Starwars movie and it was actually cooler then any of the Starwars movies. So really this game has so much potential to be the best RPG Sequal ever !!!

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I think kOTOR was a great game! If there is to be a KOTOR 2 I think it should either be a prequel which would allow us to play with the same character (Revan's past is nearly a blank sheet) or a complete different story set many years later since the DS ending did not left much options.


A few things that could be improved :

- Give a voice to the main character! (telepathy should not be an option!)

- more "finesse" in dialogues and how DS and LS points are gained, especially DS. I think that an ex-Dark Lord such as Revan who was described by other NPCs as "charismatic and always able to inspire loyalty" should have other concerns than threatening some poor fools for extra-credits and commiting such other petty crimes! (I have to admit that I enjoyed twisting Matton's mind on Kashhyk ).

- add the possibility to change the alignment of other Party members according to the dialogue options that are chosen. (would have been great to be able to turn Mission and Juhani to the DS)

- replayability: perhaps have a mode that would unlock at the end of the game that would allow the player to complete quests.

- as some people says, more possibilities to customize lightsabers but personally I think this adds very little to the game.

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My humble two cents:


1. Saber dismemberment.


I want to cut arms, legs and heads off my enemies and use those parts as improvised weaponry. I want to cut them in two and watch them fall apart in slow motion. Also, I want them to try to do the same to me.


2. Guns with balls.


I want to see guns that look, sound and are really big, mean and nasty. I want to incinerate my enemies with flamethrowers, blow them apart with huge rapid fire rocketlaunchers and make swiss cheese out of their bodies with minigun-like laser cannons. And I want my neighbours to hears this from my 5.1. surround system.


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"Sounds more like you want a FPS though than an RPG sequel. It's unlikely they will change the format of the game too much in the sequel. It will probably use the same engine (with improvements implemented by BioWare)."


Only thing that hints to FPSs in my post is the appreciation of visual and aural quality, which the RPG fans seem to lack. Neither of the suggestions has any radical effect on the format.


I saw no point in asking for either more dialogue options, better story, more meaningul character interaction or the like, since those will certainly be asked for several times in this thread. I'm trying to bring up the less often discussed, but still important issue of immersion:

How am I supposed to feel like a badass jedi when I'm using a glowing stick to fight a few bums equipped with toy guns?


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My 2 cents:


DDR/Rhythemania (could include instruments etc) would make a kick ass minigame. Imagine challenging another at a cantina and the crowd reacts. It's probably the closest you can get to dancing/playing instruments requiring skill in games.


Just not sure how the keyboard/gamepad would stand up to it, and if the keyboard could take imput from two or more keys simultaneously.



Heck, if you challenged Malak to Pazaak at the final confrontation he would have laughed it off, but if you challenged him to Rhythemania drums or guitar, the both of you would have went out in style while the Republic blasted the both of you to dust.

Spreading beauty with my katana.

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Yep. Let us feel the might o the lightsaber ! Right now they just feel like some shiny sticks. Let them do serious damage ! Show the horrible wounds they make.

Also, I want coward NPCs. You kill one of them, let the rest of them flee.


On the other hand, I don't see how the Odissey engine will allow that, so I am quite sceptical. Maybe some of the dismemberments would be achievable, with extra death animations, if rating would not be a problem.


Hey I want better swordfight animations, too. The movements should have been wider. Feats like Cleave is in NWN, or Circle Kick.

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Customizing the look of your characters appearance would be entertaining that's including the choice of hilt for the lightsaber.


Wouldn't mind seeing a single bladed lightsaber with an extra crystal slot. Something that wouldn't make you feel like you're missing out not using another saber for the off hand. Feel kind of bad dual wielding in the Star Wars universe as it's not something that's rampant.


What about lightsaber construction? You could gather parts, combine them and that would give the hilt certain properties or a unique look.


More deviations with unique items would be welcome as well, kind of like the caves on Dantooine. I didn't really like the fact that I have to buy most of the exceptional items in the first game. Not as many as say, the Baldur's Gate. I found that the myriad quests sort of deviated from the plot of the story.


I really liked the character interaction in KOTOR and would love to see

improvements. Having influence over their alignment would be nice as well.

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Personal lightsaber styles and stances would be nice. There just wasn't enough variation. Everyone fought basically the same way.


Remember how Dooku drew his saber in AotC, or Revan in the vision with that totally bad-ass pose when facing Bastila?


Well, these could be unique to your character and improve as you gain levels. So you gain mastery in a personal style not simply single, dual, or double-bladed. Each style giving certain benefits, say defense, attack bonus, or more damage, but is unique to you.


I also think dual wield was too strong, especially with 4 crystal slots, plus the 2 super crystals on Yavin. The small +3 attack/defense bonus for dueling single saber never quite compensates for that imbalance. The result? Most people dual wield. I prefer single saber for aesthetic reasons - it's the classic lightsaber style.

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Yeah, dual wield with Master Speed and Master Flurry made every combat situation a complete pushover, I would like to seem some actual cons to dual wielding and the double-bladed sabers.




Using a gamepad to control an FPS is like trying to fight evil through maple syrup.

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Actually someone on gamefaqs did the numbers on dual weilded sabres, single with that single weapon feat, and using a doublebladed sabre.


Single style with dueling is actually pretty good combatively speaking.


Two sabres with 4 crystals just "looks" better on paper, but overall things are pretty balanced.

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The number one thing that would make it more fun, at least for me, is the ability not to become a Jedi. I don't want to play a Jedi, I want no Jedi in my party, and I want to hunt and kill all force users.


I hate Jedi (as well as Sith). I am sick of it always being Jedi or Sith. Jedi or sith this, Jedi or Sith that, and Jedi or Sith flaming underoos.



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Why should the player be forced to play a specific character in a CRPG? Might as well make it an adventure or action platform game instead of a CRPG then. In the d20 Star Wars game we as players can create a multitude of successful character types without being a Jedi or having force powers.


I want a CRPG like that, not a PS:T wannabe.

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I know but I don't see KOTOR2 changing the formula much. They sold millions of copies. To BioWare, that means more than some geek on an Internet message board. They really don't care what people on the message boards think unless those people agree with the majority that bought their game. I wouldn't mind a PS:T wannabe if it was as good as PS:T or better.

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What I'd want in KoTOR2?


Some more lightsaber colors, a few "stances" that had some sort of effect in combat... dunno, really. I'm pretty satisfied as it is. Give me more o' the same and I shan't complain...

"McDonald's taste damn good. I'd rtahe reat their wonderful food then the poisonous junk you server in your house that's for sure.


What's funny is I'm not fat. In fact, I'm skinny. Though I am as healthy as cna be. Outside of being very ugly, and the common cold once in the blue moon I simply don't get sick."


- Volourn, Slayer of Yrkoon!


"I want a Lightsaber named Mr. Zappy" -- Darque

"I'm going to call mine Darque. Then I can turn Darque on anytime I want." -- GhostofAnakin

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The thing is, PS:T WAS a good game, great game in fact, so why wouldn't someone want a similar game to it (a good game) rather than a stinker in the form of something new and untested?

Because at one point PS:T was a new game, it was new and untested and developers and publishers keep trying to do that with their games.


I would like to see the setting made use of, but not another torment type game, it was very irritating to me not to have something resembling character generation.


Anyway, I doubt any games made in the image of PS:T will please fans to much, the game is almost a legend in the community and anyone who tries to tap into that will have a hard image to live up to.




Using a gamepad to control an FPS is like trying to fight evil through maple syrup.

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Anybody who thinks that altering a few stats is "character generation" needs to have his/her head checked.




Good luck in curing the devs. Go, you.


Incidentally, you are generating the character. If it was called "Character Creation", it'd be a clear mistake, but "Character Generation" is correct, as "generating" usually means to define something, and that's what you do, you define/generate the (possible to define, o'course) elements of the character.

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Simply picking a character archtype and then naming it would be "character creation"(i.e. Final Fantasy 1), lots of options doesn't give you anything other than... more options.


I think as a whole, most gamers have become jaded to the idea of having a vast number of options in creating characters.


Choosing your stats (like in PS:T) IS character generation, it might not be as diverse and with as many options as you or I may like, but you are defining your character's abilities within the game.

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