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  1. Well one of my main reasons for saying Star Wars was because Star Wars was a movie first and George Lucas knew he would be very limited to making a movie in the 1970's that would look the part so he admitted limiting the cast , clothing , planets , races and anything else that would take away from the Galaxy. Now with computer technology he brought in a queen and her wardrobes, the senate , more and more space ships , etc. I like the LOTR but I just think it got old with RPG's in the 80's with D&D , Might and Magic , Bards Tale. Star Wars RPG was only done once (The right way) KO
  2. Your probably right then , I did not know LOTR came out in the 50's , when I used to play AD&D I had a Hobbit on my team. Still Star Wars is still more in depth then LOTR
  3. Star Wars is much more in depth then LOTR , LOTR took everything from D&D and every other fantasy RPG ever made. Star Wars was original , came out in the 70's and still had more depth then LOTR
  4. Exactley , if they could come up with a story just as good as the first and a better made game WHY NOT MAKE A SEQUAL ???
  5. I think the first won was awesome , I just want them to build part 2 to the full capability.
  6. Jolee was the old wise man I thought he played a good part ! As for Carth I was a good Jedi so I would have just left him on Taris by himself ! I think the problem is that the parts the NPC played in the game had to be scripted and BIOWARE found it difficult to give to much freedom with them ! The perfect game would let you pick and choose your NPC's and have them so well scripted that it does not take away from the cinematic's of the game. Picture having a choice to take Carth or the other guy on the Endar Spire Canderous or Calo Nord Juhanni or another Jedi on Dantoine
  7. How about Canderous , Jolee and HK 47 they were tough characters !! Carth was a freakin BABY if it was up to me I would have left him on Taris !!
  8. I dont really agree with you that the storyline was dull , I thought it played out better then the new Star Wars films (1+2) , I do agree that the characters got annoying especially Carth. I think the game was really supposed to be played out as a good guy Jedi and maybe that was a mistake because there was not enough depth for either side but hopefully its the beginning of a new revolution of Star Wars theme RPG games.
  9. As I stated when I first post , for this game to be a success it can not be a direct sequal to KOTOR or else there digging for a story that is just not there. It should be set in the STAR WARS galaxy many years later and can be named something else. (I just say KOTOR 2 so it relates to the original masterpiece)
  10. Says you Maybe not a "direct" sequal, like BG to BG2.... but definately something set in the d20 Star Wars universe. There needs to be MORE SW RPGs Exactley , thats what my post states make it many years after the first KOTOR!
  11. I understand that , but if its first game out becomes "game of the year" thats a mighty good resume to start working with. and the Star Wars world is so big and can be manipulated to make a great game like KOTOR
  12. What other RPG game would be so top secret then the sequal to the Game of the Year. What dont some of you like about KOTOR ?
  13. I dont know how any one could hate the game. When I first played it I was'nt crazy about it , then I played it again and loved it then I beat it and hated it , then I beat it 3 other times and cant wait for the sequal
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