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Another patch for KotOR2

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So, we're basically waiting for a patch that ups the quality of movies and music...but does absolutely nothing for the myriad of bugs?


Why? :ermm:

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See here


Which is already 2/3 weeks ago, and the same thing was said 2 months before, so it could take some time...


I don't think that's the kind of patch he was wondering about, though.

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Yeah guess things will have to go step by step... personally, if these patches are gonna fix the bugs, I want then to be well made instead of rushed...so I'd rather wait and see a good thing than make Obsidian rush again with things :)

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Unfortunately, the patch that was made only fixed some bugs as LA restricted any addition concerning cut content.

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Well this is an old thread - music/movie replacement files have been released since then.


No, I very very very....much doubt another official patch before then.


The only patch I'm waiting for is the Restoration Project Mod.


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