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NVidia Video Drivers

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My daughter has been throwing fits about her Nvidia card--it seems that after she updated the drivers for the sake of Vampire: Bloodlines, NWN and Icewind Dale would not run. Games that have the 'Nvidia' logo on the box would not run. Pretty sad that an ATI addict would immediately think "drivers"; but she uninstalled/reinstalled just about everything and nearly came to the point of buying another card, thinking hers was toast. Methinks a little more driver-testing is in order before general release.

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I've been an ATI person for life, but I switched to NVidia because of the numerous driver problems ATI constantly has.


It should be noted that Bloodlines is one of the toughest games to get running properly. And sometimes older games don't work as well with newer cards and drivers.


But I had zero problems with NWN on my 6600 GT personally.

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To be honest, my problem, the Dantooine lag in Kotor2, was solved by switching from Nvidia to ATi. Now I use an ATI X800 Pro, and now I have lag in Dantooine in Kotor1, where with my geforce 4, I had no lag in Dantooine in Kotor1, but in Kotor2 I had lag. :shifty::o

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The correct term is "slowdown" for SP games.


Lag only refers to the delay in online games where there is a lag between the time the server sends info. and you process it.


The reason I am being anal about this is because when you go to diagnose a problem and help someone there needs to be a specific distinction between offline and on -- Which is moot for KOTOR, but I just thought I'd bring it up for G.P.




Revan The Great:


Turning on vsync has nothing to do with the vertex buffer objects problem this Odyssey engine has. What you were experiencing was tearing which probably looked like slowdown, but it went away when you turned vsynch on because that is what vertical sync does; it only draws the number of frames your monitor can handle and syncs them with the vertical refresh rate.

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