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  1. i think the article is great. it explains many things asked about in this forum. the whole article should be locked on top on the technical forum. people should know about obsidians intentions and mistakes. nevertheless, lucasarts still is in big need of asskicking. or asslicking. if that's what turns them on.
  2. i came to think about an idea of a game feature in a possible kotor3 when i played kotor2 "backwards". the incidents and situations on the planets, should be aligned with time. so depending on when you arrive at a planet, you'd be able to help/interact in slightly different ways. i think it's a great idea. another comment: i'm tired of people hacking on obsidian for their mistakes caused by a limited time frame. you should blame lucasarts. or supporting team-gizka for their work. or mailing both obsidian and lucasarts for releasing the final patch. EDIT: read this: http://g
  3. you mean there are other games than kotor1&2.. . .. ?? ??? i'll probably get a job when i get my driver's license. then i will buy a new computer. (or console. or both.)
  4. and i could think kotor 3 as kotor 0: the fall of exar khun. it could be interesting... i mean, we've heard so much about the mandalorian wars and exar khun and all those sith lords. don't you almost want to be there...?
  5. So true. Pay heed to this man. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i tried omegadrivers, and didn't notice any improvements with my fx5600 and 1.6 mhz processor. for me, my best performance is with 71.84 nvidia drivers.
  6. somehow the issue with scavanger-chief-woman-thingy disappeared after disabeling a mod that modified the textures of robes. and yes, i'm really thinking of getting a console (xbox).
  7. it's beginning to get quite irritating now. i have to restart kotor 2 once an hour in general. sometimes more often. sometimes i get lucky playing 3 hours without a restart. the game crashes most of the times when loading a new area or interacting with npc's. not the ones in the party, i mean people you meet. that's the main problem. another related issue is this: in my ongoing game, i can't talk to that old woman at the scavanger camp on dantooine. it's my first planet after telos, and everytime i try to approach her, i can hear her first lines while the picture freezes and i
  8. as i recall, mira is talking (telepathy) with the exile.
  9. as maybe have been noted before, the problems with newer nvidia drivers, occurs when using older cards. like the 5xxx series.
  10. if you don't hang around at pcgamemods.com, you could have missed there's a fix for the workbench, correcting the bug where the chosen character's repair skill now is used... http://www.pcgamemods.com/14490/ thank you maraxus!
  11. i just have to say i'm really REALLY looking forward for the restoration project! you guys should send a bill to lucas arts when you're done...
  12. the ebon hawk. i think about it at least once every two weeks... it could be a home. a kind of house-wagon. that flies. in space. with hyperdrive. and i could take my friends with me.
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