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strange bug

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I've gotten a strange thing in the game that only has happened twice. Carth's hologram shows up in Visa's room when she fights me, and he fights her too,(unarmed). Then later he is standing at the exit ramp inside the ship, and when I click on him he turns toward me, but doesn't talk or do anything else. Has anyone else had this happen? I wonder if it is a random bug? Whatever it is it's really wierd! :thumbsup:

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1. This should be in the technical forum.

2. I'm pretty sure it is a known bug. (I haven't had it happen to me, but in my perusal of the technical forum I have seen it mentioned several times.)




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Actually, this has happened to me before... it doesnt seem to affect your gameplay though so dont stress about it :-


I was actually disappointed when it didnt happen the last time I played :-




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