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Mira Romance

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Every time I try.. she calls me old man.. and makes me feel like a sexually frustrated Exile... :lol:


I guess it may be a way to do it... duno how get... maybe something to do with been nasty with any other woman in the ship.. including Kria.. duno.. >_<

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It is a good question... do any one knows ???


Mira totally close the love doors.. just because you fight with The Handmaiden in underwear... * I don't know how she even knows that :thumbsup: * and she have problems with Visas been around to..


Maybe is something to do with ignoring The Handmaiden and been nasty to Visas ? any one ?

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Mira as a romance option for female Exiles?




Unfortunately, in all my playthroughs the option never came up... although it would've been better than the option of a romance with the Disciple... *shudder*




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She may have been a romance at one time, but I think it was removed. In fact, a lot of the more explicitly romantic dialogue still exists in the files but aren't used in the game (and no, I don't mean moaning or kissing, but people coming right out with their feelings instead of alluding to them).


There's an unused dialogue where she approaches Handmaiden and Visas and breaks up a catfight over your character and gives them both some dating advice (Part of the convo still exists when you play a female Exile and approach Mira about understanding men).


As for being interested, I think she certainly is interested in the male Exile. She tells herself it isn't practical and doesn't really want to add herself into the brewing catfight between Handmaiden and Visas over your character. More to the point, her entire background and the things she says pretty much screams that Annah--err-- Mira >_< is terrified of forming emotional bonds.


If the game were longer (or Obsidian had more time) we might have seen a plot where the Exile could coax Mira out of her shell.

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