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  1. Perhaps single sabers aren;t overpowered but double- and dual- are.
  2. Actually, both Handmaiedn (expiereince) and Atton (rumors from ravong fangirls) are romances, apparently.
  3. Lamentably items are generated when you eneter an area, not when you open a container, otherwise you could indefinetly open high level containers and select the best loot configuration (you can do so with certain enemies, like Sion, or by purchasing from Jorran.)
  4. I know someone who discovered 3 circlets of saresh on Peragus, the lott generator probably malfunctioned. I once found a repeater rifle on Peragus, but i beleive that's the best loot I have accquired there.
  5. Re-situate yourself into the Kotor3 offical discussion therad/forum/whatever. A mod will probably lock/delete this shortly.
  6. Go to the message slog, and eneter the "efefcts" menu, where all current temporary efefcts will be listed.
  7. Lol. I once accquired 2 (!) in Trayus academy, but I was LS.
  8. I dont beleieve stat modifiers are factored into conversation checks (exclduing, perhaps, persuade). Power Attack increases critical multiplier, so a crit that would normally do 50 would instead deal 100 damage (and may trigger knockback).
  9. Here is my pecualir analogy/theory for the Force: Each race has a massiv eportoin of the frorce alloted to it. As force users increase in pwoer, they consume portoins of teh force (like software on a harddrive). When they die, their pwoer is lessened but they gain a permanent foothold in a minor portoin of the force (hence "becoming one with the force"). gradually, as 1000s of force users die, greater quantities of the force are consumed, limiting the power of new force-users and eventually sealing the force from some races due to lack of appropriate quantities of space. The personna of each
  10. I reecomend S Sentinel/Weaponmaster or Sentinel/Watchman. Here where my intial stats: CON: 14 STR:14 DEX:14 INT:12 CHA: 10 WIS: 10. A sentinel can be either Melee or ranged oreinted and can be molded into a guardian or consular-esque character. Mine tend to be similair to Guardains (which have barely any advantages over Sentinels in terms of combat efficiency), but with surperior skills and FP.
  11. You can accquire this via Wisdom or Intelligence, but I beleive a Higher wisdom is required.
  12. Are you suppose dto accquire Freedon Nadd's blaster from his tomb (I can;y recall), since on 1 previous occasion I ddin't, and I beleive that, perhaps due to a bug, all trace of the balster has disappeared (I beleive it may have disappeared from a pervious characters Inventory, but I'm not sure).
  13. The ending was OBVIOUSLY rushed. Numerous losse ends and meaningless cutscenes, not to mention a lack for explanation for a variety of occurences. The GO-TO/Remote scene conclusion tied into the HK-50 factory subquest, which was cut. If you are DS, GO-TO prevents the remote from destroying Malachor, if you're LS HK-47 and several HK-51s (advanced versions of HK-50s that HK-47 manufactured after assaulting the HK factory) attack GO-TO. GO-TO futiley attempts to order the HK-51s to attack HK-47 (GO-TO manufactured the HK-50s), but to no avail. GO-TO is detsroyed, and shortly afterwards is Malac
  14. "Come back here and I'll gnaw your legs off!" That's the point: it makes the fight more difficult because you have to target a specific spot (it's called "named shot" in NwN, for example, and there is an additional "to hit" score rolled to calculate the attempted precision). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Wasn;y it mentoined that the enemy would have to be at, say, 10% HP for a targeted strike to occur. ISnce technically your oppennt would be quite dead by that point. Also, its probable you wouldn't recall to utilize it. ANd it may become tedious after your 1000th kill.
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