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Please HELP!!!!

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Okay, I know that I must be missing something obvious, but I am getting slaughtered! I just killed the wookie (sorry, I totally forgot how to spell his name) and am making my way to the door to let the Jedi into the base. I keep getting killed by all the stupid assassins before I can figure out how to get the door open. Can anyone please help me? Thank you!

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-Try to take it slow, it worked for me. Whenever I get into a stituaton with too many or to strong opponenets, I run. (I'm a coward, I know) After a while they don't follow you anymore. ( Or at least one of them. )

-If your health is really low, you can wait by the computer until it's full. (Not fighting.)

-If you have killed a couple of guards, and it went pretty well, you can save. Then when you die you don't have to start all the way back.



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Things to think about:

- Every time before entering a new room, set some mines first.

- Let Mira keep her jacket: it has very nice damage reducing qualities.

- If you didn't give her close combat feats, switch to melee fighting when she's attacked with blades.

- Equip melee shields.

- Use grenades.

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Mira should level up before you start the fight with the Wookie. something like level 5 to level 10-12 depending how well you doing...


What worked for me is to level up her with all the Melee skills.. and lots of fortitude points.. then that Jedi hunters don't even touch you..


If you level up Mira correctly... you don't even need melee shields to get trough. >_<

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It's really easy to get through the Mira parts without leveling her up, I found.


Vs the Wookiee, just hit and run. It'll take a long time, but you'll eventually get him. Same vs the lions (or whatever they are). And mines are a really nice thing, also.


On the way to the door there's only 1 fight I found I had to do, and that's the first one vs 2 of those hunters. If you can get an adhesive grenade on one (or both), it makes it really easy. Hit and run again is your friend.


After that, you can either stealth to the passageway, or just run by them all and take it, absorbing a few hits on the way.


First playthrough, Mira was the first henchman I didn't level up ASAP, because I had done that with Atton, Bao-Dur and Handmaiden, and realized it cost some Jedi levels on Atton, so with Mira I made an effort to not level her until I had enough influence to convert her to Jedi.


Second playthrough (which I haven't finished, but I have all the henchmen converted), I didn't level any of them until they were converted.

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