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Conspiracy hidden by last minute cuts...

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    • 1)Kreia and Kae are one in the same.
    • 2)Kreia and Kae are different people.
    • 3)As 2), but Kreia wanted you to believe as 1)

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If it's one thing I can't stand it's "Kreia is Kae" topics. :blink:


A lot of people here say there is plenty of evidence that says Kreia is Kae but it's just never said. I personally do not believe that the two characters are the same and now that Kreia is dead what does it really matter. If Kreia is Kae so what?! She's Brianna's mother... woopdefrickindoo. I don't buy it.

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Kreia and Kae are NOT the same person. Kae is a male Jedi master who turned to the dark side and is now dead. You were supposed to meet his padawan on the planet where the robot factory was located. The sound clips with her conversation can be found in the SWKotOR2\StreamVoice\802\Vash01 directory.

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Arren Kae is female and was the Handmaiden's mother. Whether or not Kreia is Kae is debatable. And if Kreia was Kae then she probably had reason for keeping her identity a secret from Handmaiden. She deceived the Exile about being a Sith lord so why not deceive the Handmaiden as well. You also forget that Handmaiden had took a vow to never learn the ways of the Jedi so would not have been able to feel it through the Force (but this would no longer hold true if you train her).


As for this whole Kreia/Kae thing, I think they are different people. Before seeing these threads on the forum, I never even thought about this.

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Btw the way for posters that dont realise this thread is based on another that posits Kreia and Kae being the same person was a cut storyline.


I think it was locked but you can still search for it. I was initially pleased to see that "arren=kae" had the minority but upon reflection this may be due to ppl not knowing about the antecedent to this thread. There was a lot of "evidence" there which may change people's minds.



EDIT:kreia looks f'ed up cos she was ravaged by DS.

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There is also an other posibility :lol: :

Kreia and Kae were Lesbians and both were Handmaiden's mothers :) ...and both trained Revan :)

:blink::wub::) ...damm I'm good :D


Kae is a seperate person.


Kae was one of the jedi masters who trained Raven, Vrook tellls you who taught Raven (or maybe it was the datoonie droid) but most certinally Kae was someone else for sure.


Kae went to Mirukia with all of the other jedi masters and died.

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I think they're different people.  If they were the same, there would have been more alluding to it.  Atleast IMO.


God I wonder how many people actually got to the point of hearing the NPCs tell the MC who Raven's masters where and also..

Handmadiens mother was a jedi knight, not a fricking master so it disapproves the whole Handmaiden's mom = Kreia.

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Take a game that aims to be subtle and ambiguous.


Combine it with a development process that includes half a dozen writer/developers and hours of dialogue.


Add an impossible deadline and an almighty rush to finish the game on time.


And you get Kotor 2. Maybe Kreia and Kae were supposed to be the same at one point. Maybe they were supposed to be the same in the final version, but the developers wanted to make it unclear. Lots of different interpretations are possible, until someone declares one version to be 'canon' and spoils all the fun.

"An electric puddle is not what I need right now." (Nina Kalenkov)

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Save Feargus

People laugh when I say that I think a jellyfish is one of the most beautiful things in the world. What they don't understand is, I mean a jellyfish with long, blond hair.

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