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Jolee Bindo is ep2??

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hehe, he is


here's some cool pics of lego revan, malak, bastila, canderous (sucks) and carth


not bad ..  :">




Ehm... First picture on that page, the one with Anakin and Obi from Ep3... Am I the only one who thinks the Obi lego looks more like GL? What with the shape of the head and the beard.


Pic: http://www.fbtb.net/customs/galleries/AceA...eAzzameen01.jpg ;)

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I think that's an old female hair piece ;)


That hardly eliminates the possibility of him playing in the Monkees (sp?) then, does it?



Lol! This pic of lego Revan and Malak is much better. Malak now has a retainer for his slack jaw. Apparently. :blink:


EDIT again: it works even better if I remember to paste the link...


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